Friday, February 17, 2017

5 Tips To Get Enough Daylight In Your Home

When we look at our home, we can always find something that’s wrong with it. We spend days and hours fixing up our home, but we can always find an aspect that’s just not right. And although many problems can be fixed, if our home is just too dark, that can be a big problem for many. When we first look at our home, it may have been something we simply overlook, maybe because it was a dark and dingy day. But something like having a bit more daylight in your home is really important. Sunshine is beneficial to our health because of the amount of vitamin D it provides, which is really good for fighting off illness but is now more important to our health than we realize because an adequate dose does a lot for our mood too. How can we get more sunshine into our home?

Add More Windows

If the sun only gets into a room via a doorway or a small window, then by adding more windows to that area will increase the exposure. If the light only gets through that doorway, then adding double-hung windows on each side will increase the sun.

Add TDD’s To Your Ceilings

Short for Tubular Daylighting Devices, by adding these in hallways and rooms where there is no natural light, such as modern small bathrooms where there is only a tiny window (or in some cases, no window at all) you can really make a difference. TDD’s are clear plastic cylinders or pipes installed between the ceiling and the roof. The bottoms are usually diffused or glazed so the sun that shines through isn’t a glaring beam but rather a soft glow.

Look At Your Porch

Sometimes the reason a room isn’t getting any sun at all is because the porch has a great big awning hanging over it, stopping any bit of sun getting into those rooms. By purchasing a retractable porch awning you can choose to let more daylight into your home, or if you’re sunbathing on the porch, it makes life even easier!

Paint Your Rooms Deep Colors

If you have a room that is not getting any daylight at all, you may want to admit defeat and embrace the darkness by painting the room a dark color to make it feel cozier. Depending on your existing color scheme, you may want to go for colors to compliment the doors. If your doorframes are already a deep brown, choosing a green to go with it will emphasize the cozy factor.

Hang A Carefully Placed Mirror

If your room only has one access point for the sun, then by getting a mirror to help reflect the sunlight back into the room makes it a simple and effective way to get your vitamin D! By hanging a large mirror in the living room it doubles as a lovely centerpiece, and if you have a small room lacking in sunlight, using some small ones dotted around will help with the balance. 

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