Thursday, February 2, 2017

Amazing Creative Job Ideas For Work-At-Home Moms

Let’s shout it loud and clear: "being a mom is not the end of your professional life!" It can seem that wanting to stay at home and care for your beautiful little ones doesn’t exactly go hand in hand with pursuing a career, but there’s nothing further from the truth. While your baby sleeps, in between cooking dinner and loading the washer, pursue something you love. Many moms are looking into creative careers that they can freelance in, dictating their own working hours and clients, and negotiating their job around their childcare requirements. Here are some popular ideas for creative jobs that moms can get stuck into at home.

Offer online training

If you were a professional before your little bundle of joy came along, then you’re not going to have forgotten all of your expertise already. There are plenty of people in the world who look to professionals online for training in certain fields, as well as tutors and mentors. A friend of mine is a Home-based Online ESL Teacher who teaches the English language to Korean and Chinese students. This is a great direction for work-at-home moms to go in - look into making training videos, infographics, music lessons, language lessons - the world’s your oyster!

Start a blog

Exactly what I did! It started off as a hobby, to past time and to share my sentiments while I was pregnant and now, I somehow earn from it. So if you love something, write about it. Other people will love to read about it. If you’re massively into fashion, interior design, or childcare, then why not create a blog for people with similar interests to read? Not only does it give you a great excuse to further your interests, but it also helps to build a little online community around you and others who share your passion, which can be great for moms whose social lives might have slipped a little.

Dabble in design

If you’ve got an eye for style or design, why not look into creating a small design company? While multinational businesses will go for large graphic design companies, local businesses are more likely to keep their money local. Look into some courses, such as Photoshop training by Training Connection, to get you started, and then it’s a case of building a portfolio and looking for clients. Your online presence is really important in these cases, so make sure you utilize social media and a good quality website to make the most of your online reach.

Sell homemade food

If you’ve got a love for cooking, this will be for you. In a world where everyone’s excited to try the next big thing, and we’ve all gone mad for healthy food, there is a great market for homemade cooking. Jams, nut butters, delicious cookies - whatever you love. And you can sell them on eBay, via a blog, at local markets, on Facebook, and build your brand however you like.

With any of these ideas, the basic rules are to start small, stay honest, and you’ll have it up and running in no time.

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