Friday, February 24, 2017

Make Your Home A Heart Of Positive Energy

A house and a home are not the same things. While you live in a house, you feel safe and happy in your home. This has to do with creating a positive feeling under your roof, a feeling that keeps your mind at peace. Keeping ahead of your home maintenance and renovation works is an essential requirement to keep the house safe, but the positive energy comes from your own décor arrangements and how you choose to divide space. While it may sound a little simplistic, how you feel in your home will actually define how you feel in your skin and your life: Positivity is essential to your well-being and your happiness. Follow this guideline to make your house a happy home. 

#1. Neutral Color Themes

As much as you might love bright and colorful tones, your mind prefers neutral earth colors. Indeed, neutral tones are calming and helps you find your way to the essentials. This doesn’t mean that you can’t have any color in your interior décor. But walls and floors should be your neutral elements. Most homeowners tend to choose Magnolia paints for their walls or quality beige carpets, such as a carpet by Shadomill Carpet One, for the floor. Be sure to choose quality material to keep your décor for longer. A little trick for the carpet: Avoid light tones if you have young children or pets. 

#2. Clear And Practical Rooms

The Feng Shui philosophy is surprisingly practical when it comes to home décor. While you may not be interested in the exact placement of elements in the room for the purpose of luck or wealth, especially if you don’t share the Feng Shui belief, there are a lot of other suggestions that are still relevant nowadays. Indeed, a Feng Shui décor focuses on a practical room that fulfills only its core functions, for example, your bedroom is primarily for sleeping and intimate relationships. Consequently, each room should only contain the furniture that is required for its purpose. In short, you can ditch the TV out of the bedroom as it doesn’t support the purpose of the room. 

#3. Happy Memories

The best way to create a positive atmosphere is to surround yourself with elements that serve as happiness reminders. These happiness reminders are the happy memories of your life. Whether it’s a shell you found on the beach during a romantic walk together, a picture of your wedding, or photos from your latest holiday as a family, or maybe all of this together, you should make the most of your happy memories in your home décor. The most common way to bring memories to life is to create vignettes in each room. You can use the top of a chest of drawer to set a scene for your beach holiday, with the shell you found and maybe a picture. You can frame your sofa with pictures of your family celebrations hanging on the wall. The imagination is the limit!

#4. Environment-Friendly Home

Finally, keep this positive energy in all your everyday routines, such as in your eating habits. Focus on positive foods, healthy and organic ingredients, to fuel you with natural energy. Gradually the vitamins will also impact your mood: You always feel happier when your body is naturally healthy.

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