Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Using Natural Light To Style Your Home

Every home benefits from careful lighting choices. You might use several table lamps or even candles to illuminate your living room. Fairy lights and chandeliers also offer a delicate ambiance that adds to the cozy effect you’re looking for. But are you using the natural light in the room to full effect as well? 

Natural light streams through any windows during daylight hours. This can be manipulated to offer different qualities of light, shadows, and even a gentle glow as you need it. Different times of day also offer different effects. The morning sun can be quite bright and yellow. At noon, you might notice the color change to a whiter, cooler quality. And as the sun goes down, everything warms up again with ‘Golden Hour’ before the moodiness of dusk comes into play.

Using this light for the different rooms in your home can create styled effects you’ll love. The first thing to consider is the window itself. The larger the aperture, the more light might come in. Of course, the direction of the window will also make a difference. If it is facing away from the sun, the light will be cooler, whiter and not as strong. The room facing the sun will be bright, warm, yellow and perhaps difficult to manage.

You can change the windows to create a wonderful effect in the room. Windows are the eyes of the room, and shaped windows, like the ones on the cdwindows website, can help you focus the light. They create a style in keeping with the character of your property. In fact, you can custom make windows to suit the personality of the house or the people that live there! Try a theme.

Dressing the windows will also help you create the style you want. Voile soften any light, offering a gently dispersed haze effect. Venetian blinds are perfect for a window facing the sun. You can tilt the blinds to direct the light up or down. This offers you the opportunity to create amazing shadows. They can give depth to the room and highlight your favorite pieces of furniture. Drapes or curtains soften the room, bringing deep, rich colors into play. The light from the window will become colored by this fabric, and any other colors you have in the room. This means you can subtly alter the shade of the walls, the floors, and even the ceiling. Perfect mood lighting.

Positioning your ornaments, pictures, art, and furniture where the natural light falls can offer you the chance to shift the focus in the room. In the morning, you might find one side of the room is illuminated beautifully. By the time the sun starts to sink, you can see the other side bathed in golden light. Using the light this way can also help you use the room more effectively. If you dine as a family in the evening, why not position the table to make the most of the natural light available at that time of day?

Natural light is essential for good health too. No wonder, so many of us like to wake up to the dawn light! How do you make the most of light in your interior design? 

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