Saturday, September 9, 2017

Can You Still Progress In Your Career As A Work At Home Mom?

When you start out with any career, you’re often always thinking ahead. Even when you enjoy your studies and you then go on to enjoy your everyday work, you’re always thinking about the next phase. From starting out to getting a promotion and finally reaching the top of your game - because a huge part of climbing that career ladder is always being at your best. And to know that you’re at your best, you have to progress. But what about when you work at home?

Working at home can offer you so many wonderful benefits, as we already know. But can you still see yourself as progressing in the same way as when you were out in the working world? Sometimes, it’s hard to see any kind of career ladder at all. Yet it still exists. By setting your own goals, you’re able to carve your own path. Whether you’re a consultant or a blogger, and entrepreneur or freelancer, here’s how you can progress within your chosen work at home career.

As A Consultant

When you work as a consultant in your particular field, you may be wondering exactly what you can do to advance yourself, progress your career, and earn more money. Regardless of your work or industry, you should find these ideas useful.

1. Offer A New Service

As a consultant, you may have first started out by offering a set service. Whether it’s something that you working on in your career in the past or a skill that you’ve worked towards since you can offer feel safe in that one area of consultancy. However, a surefire way to expand and progress within your consultant career is to offer another consulting service. Whether it’s connected to what you offer or something entirely different, adding a new service can increase your business.

2. Get Into Public Speaking

Because it’s highly likely that you’re an expert in the area that you consult, you may want to consider going into public speaking. Although getting started may sound scary, and this article has advice for that, you will find that it adds another string to your bow and helps to generate more income.

3. Launch As A Business

Finally, you may want to think about converting your consultancy into a fully fledged business. Although you already operate as a business, and your clients may even think you’re bigger than you are, your next steps can often be to go from consulting on your own to offering a full business service. So think about taking on staff in the future and see how this option has the potential to really grow your consulting venture.

As A Blogger

If your at home business is based on blogging, you may feel as if you have no room for growth, but that is far from the truth. There are so many different ways that you could grow as a blogger. You just have to want the success and progressing and be willing to try new things, like some of the below.

1. Diversify Your Income Stream

When you’re used to making money, in the same way, it can be difficult to imagine changing things up and doing it differently. But, you may find that diversifying your income is a strong way to ensure that you’re always progression. If you make money through affiliate links alone, you may find that offering sponsored posts or advertising can help you to grow your income and progress with your work.

2. Launch A Product

You should also give the idea of launching a product some serious thought too. If you have a dedicated and engaged readership, you may find that launching a product on your blog is your next step forwards. Your readers will love the idea and often be willing to buy from you right away. So when the time is right, creating something of your own should be able to ensure you grow.

3. Consult

You may also want to think about taking your experience as a blogger and offering consulting services. Depending on your background and expertise, you may be able to offer freelance services to clients - especially if they are your readers. If you’re willing to work a little more, this could be a viable choice for you to keep on progressing.

As An Entrepreneur

When you have your own business, and you run it from home, it’s easy to get into the momentum of an everyday routine. But, you don’t have to stay at the level you’re at. In fact, you can progress and grow as much as in any career; you just have to know how.

1. Expand

Your first option is to keep on doing what you’re doing, but just do it bigger and better. Because expanding is one of the simplest ways to ensure that you grow. If you want to increase your production, you will need to find suitable warehouse space and get started. Then, you can offer more to your customers, and maybe even launch new product lines.

2. Set Up An Office

Next, you may need to set up your own physical space. When you have your own products, it’s often not enough to have a manufacturing unit. You may also need an office or showroom to go along with. As you grow, you may have clients wanting to visit, so setting up an office could be your best next step. But because you’re the boss, you will always have the freedom to work at home if you want.

3. Go International

And, of course, you could always consider going global. Whether you have an online business or not, expanding your business globally and entering international markets will always ensure you progression with business. Just make sure that you do your research and plan it right if you want your big push to be a progression success.

As A Freelancer

Being freelance can be a blessing. Not only do you get the freedom of choosing your working hours and clients, but you can control your income too. And, of course, you can still progress in the freelance game, just like in these three ways.

1. Expand Your Niche

As a freelancer, especially a freelance writer, you will find that you choose a niche and generally tend to stick to it. But if you’re serious about growing and progressing your career, you might like to think about expanding into other niches. This post on finding a freelance writing niche may help you with that. But you might find it often works to go with something similar to what you already cover.

2. Offer Additional Services

However, you could also think about expanding your service offering too, just like if you were a consultant. Offering more than writing services is often a clever and secure way to ensure that you’re able to progress and grow. Whether you choose to cover off social media or even PR, you will find that you can not only upsell to your existing clients but access new ones with your new services.

3. Start A Blog

And finally, you could also consider launching your own blog. Whether you connect it to your freelance site and services or start something entirely different, you can ensure that your business grows and goes from strength to strength with the addition of a blog. And, as we saw in the blogging section, you will be able to ensure that your income progresses along with it too.

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