Thursday, September 28, 2017

Strong and Able: The Best Diet in Old Age

As we grow older and have children, we also watch our own parents go from active adults to sedentary seniors. They’ll be more or less depending on us in the same way we used to depend on them; the only difference is, that as adults with children of our own, we don’t always get to spend as much time with them as we’d like. 

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They will be able to hang around for a while longer with the right kind of diet and exercise, though, and a specific diet seems to be working better for people in old age than others. Here is a neat guide on how you can help keep your parents healthy with the right kind of food - and company.
Protein can be anti-aging

Although it would have been wonderful to cook up some chicken for your our and watch the time rewind before our eyes, it’s not as simple as that. Protein is good for maintaining muscle mass, as we know, but it’s also able to work as a stroke-prevention in older people. 

While the younger generation has gone through a fan-phase lately when it comes to protein, our parents and grandparents are not always as up to date - and they seem to be lacking the right amount in their diets.

Serve up some eggs, chicken, and legumes to keep their bodies stronger for longer and even prevent stroke and type 2 Diabetes. You don’t really have to follow a specific diet to reap all the benefits, just make sure it’s well-rounded with a lot of vegetables as well as protein.

The Mediterranean Diet

As it is with most people, obesity and overweight puts senior’s health at risk. The Mediterranean diet is great for keeping the carb intake at a low level while also giving them a lot of healthy fats from fish, olives, and olive oil. 

Healthy fats are great for their bodies as well as their brain which is made of 60 % fat, lowering the risk of memory loss and Alzheimer’s. Check out to learn more about healthy fats and brain power, by the way. 

Eggs, in this respect, would be a great breakfast food for elderly as it’s high in protein and that delicious yellow core is also rich in healthy fats. Maybe the older generation has been doing alright without our help so far? Toss in a couple of avocados and a nice piece of salmon as well, by the way. 

It’s important to remember that no matter how hard we try to keep our loved ones around for as long as possible, it’s not really in our control. If you’re especially stressed about them being alone, make sure to visit to give yourself some peace of mind.

Remember that our sense of thirst also tends to decline with age, so keep an eye on their hydration habits and make sure they’re not drinking juice or soda if they have diabetes. 

Delicious food that’s good for them is another way for us to show how much we love and care - and if it keeps them active for another ten years, that’s great. Good company and great food tend to keep us happy too, doesn’t it? 

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