Thursday, September 14, 2017

Creating A Cozy Home For Fall

After what seems like another short summer, fall is right around the corner. You have probably felt it in your bones a little, the sun seemingly taking longer to wake up each morning, the leaves threatening to turn fifty shades of gold and drop from the trees. To your kids, that means it is time to pull on the gumboots and go kicking through the piles. To you, however, it means getting your home ready, and that means it is time for a healthy dose of nesting. 

If we had to give fall just one word to describe it, we would have to choose ‘inviting’. That is how your home needs to feel as the days get shorter and the night's longer. So it is time to put away the outdoor furniture for another year and start getting your cozy on, and here is how:

Change Up Your Flowers

Just because the summer is coming to a close doesn’t mean you have to purge all flowers from your home, but it is worth embracing a more season arrangement. That means swapping out your more summery flowers for those that mix dried florals, branches, berries and a bit of greenery. That will really set the tone of your autumnal home. 

A Bit of Ambient Lighting

Nothing says cozy like a bit of ambient lighting to illuminate those dark evenings as you all huddle around the campfire. That is why you should look at every aspect of your home lighting possible, from your overhead options to your floor standing lamps and even those that grace your end tables. To really perfect the glow in your living spaces, you should try and get dimmer switches, or lamps that have different settings. A warm look creates a warm feeling. 

Curl Up On A Chair

There has never been a better time to convince yourself that a new reading chair is much needed; somewhere you can curl up with a blanket and re-read your favorite book. That is one of the quickest decor fixes you can make. Perhaps you have seen the perfect chair in the Ikea catalog, perhaps you are wanting to give a well-worn armchair a new home - it doesn’t matter. Treat yourself, add a reading lamp to it and a nice soft blanket and there you will have it, the perfect lazy Sunday spot to enjoy a coffee and a read. 

Get A Little Heavier

All those summer tones and textures - the neutral palette and minimalist vibe - can be tucked away until spring now and replaced with the warmer hues of winter. That means color and textures. We’re talking about deep and dark colors, while your textures should be a mismatch of thick wools, some tweed, and even the odd splash of cashmere should do the trick. It could be an ottoman, footstool, blanket, throw, cushion or anything; just make sure it embraces autumn and you are onto a winner. 

Focus On The Bedroom

This is the season to enjoy staying in a bed a little bit longer, the gray mornings hardly enticing you to leap up and out. Couple that with the early setting sun and you may just find that your bedroom because a little bit more used, which is why you will want to make this spot as cozy as possible. So swap your summer linens for thicker cotton, get a heavier duvet, add some cozy throw pillows, drop a thick pile rug beside your bed and embrace the winter a little more. 

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