Friday, September 8, 2017

Everything You Need To Know About Kids And Technology

If you’re a parent, knowing about kids and technology is an absolute must. Many people don’t realize the severity of technology, when in fact, it’s making a huge difference to the way the kids of today are developing. You only have to see toddlers using iPhones to watch TV and teenagers with their heads bowed low all day to get an idea of how it’s affecting us. Let’s take a look at the way technology can hinder kids development, how it can potentially help them, and what you can do for the best results:

Technology Can Cut Into Quality Family Time 

Technology can easily cut into quality family time, if you let it. Don’t consider your child sat on the sofa watching YouTube videos ‘quality time’. Make sure you spend genuine quality time together, like going for walks, eating dinner, and doing other fun stuff! 

Technology Can Interfere With Sleep

Technology has been proven to affect children when it comes to falling and staying asleep. This can make them feel groggy the next day, and affect the way they perform and retain information at school. 

Technology Can Encourage Short Attention Spans 

As everything can be accessed in what feels like a nano second, using technology a lot can encourage short attention spans in children

Technology Can Potentially Lead To Less Physical Activity 

Most kids will choose a video game or a film streamed over the internet instead of a walk in the park. Technology can potentially lead to less physical activity, as it’s far too easy to get stuck in front of a screen than it is to put shoes on and get outside. 

Technology Can Allow Kids Access To Inappropriate Content

Although this may not apply if you’re smart, technology can mean kids access inappropriate content early on. Even if they are not accessing adult sites, they could see junk food ads consistently that encourage them to eat bad foods. 

Using Technology The Right Way

Now, let’s talk about using technology the right way. You can’t ban your children from using technology, as this will likely have an even more detrimental effect in the long run. After all, it’s now used in many schools and jobs. You might think you’re protecting them, when in fact, you’re stopping them from learning essential skills. Kids can use technology to improve their language skills, to play educational games, and to do their homework. If you want to get your child a laptop specifically for these things, you’ll want to look at to figure out the best model and spec. Making sure they’re learning the right skills for the future will help them; just make sure you aren't letting them spend all day and night staring at a screen. 

Other Ways To Help Your Kids:
  • Don’t put a TV in your kid’s bedroom - this is linked to poor sleep and obesity. 
  • Limit screen time and stick to it - allow maybe a couple of hours a day and ensure you stick to it. 
  • Find alternatives such as reading a book, or playing a game - this shows them they can have fun without using technology.

Do you have tips of your own? Leave them below! 

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