Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Moms: Quick Ways To Enviable Tresses

When you’re a mom, you haven’t always got lots of time to get ready. However, this doesn’t mean you want to compromise on your looks! You should still feel great about yourself when you leave the house - you simply need to change your routine so you can look great in a shorter time frame. Here are a few quick ways to enviable tresses to help you:

Spray In Some Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is a god send, whether you have greasy hair or not. If your hair is the kind that gets greasy quickly, dry shampoo can offer you a day off from washing your hair the traditional way. If it’s not greasy, you can still use it to give our hair a root boost. Simply spray it at your roots wherever you want a boost and massage with your fingers. 

Buy A Comb For Backcombing

Backcombing the hair is an age old technique that can help to give you more lift at the roots of your hair. It’s perfect when you’re trying to achieve certain styles, such as a messy ponytail, high bun, or even a simple voluminous down style. The key is to really go for it at the very root of your hair, and then smooth over to hide the tangle. It’s crucial you brush these out at the end of the day though, or you risk damaging your hair! 

Invest In Plenty Of Pins

Pins are a great way to create a multitude of quick hairstyles. By tying your hair up, you can backcomb various pieces and pin them, creating many different messy bun looks that can work for day or night. You can even use them to simply pin your bangs away from your face, or create a half up half down style. 

Buy A Hair Donut 

A hair donut is perfect for those who don’t have much in the way of volume. You can simply place it at the base of your ponytail and pin your hair around it, creating a gorgeous bun. 

Find Some High Quality Hair Extensions 

If you need extra length, volume, or both, quality hair extensions are the perfect way to go. Tape in hair extensions look natural and are great if you’re looking to completely hide the fact you’re wearing extensions. However, you’ll need to research the different types out there to find the right set for you. Make sure you carefully color match your hair to avoid any embarrassing faux pas. 

Invest In Your Hair Health 

Something else you need to do if you want enviable tresses is to play the long game by investing in your hair health. This means sleeping on a silk pillowcase, eating nutritious food, exercising, and taking the right vitamins. When you’re consistent with these things you’ll find that the look of your hair improves and it becomes more manageable. 

Hopefully, these tips for enviable tresses have been useful to you. Do you have any tips for enviable tresses? Leave them below!

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