Saturday, September 2, 2017

How to Keep Germany Cheap

Visiting Germany is a fantastic opportunity. There’s lots to see and do while you’re there and the people are friendly and welcoming. It isn’t often on a traveler’s bucket list, but it should be. The one downside to travelling through Germany is that it can get expensive. So, if you want to keep your trip cheap, here are few suggestions.

Take the Train

If you’re planning on moving from place to place so you can get the full experience, the train is the best way to do it. Yes, flying is much quicker but it’s also more expensive. Additionally, you won’t get to see the breathtaking scenery Germany has to offer from a plane. Taking the train gives you the opportunity to travel as the Germans do so you’ll get a real authentic experience of German life. It isn’t expensive and it’s totally convenient because it has to be for the locals.

Free Attractions

Think you can’t get into any attractions for free? Think again! If you do your research, you’ll find that many of the German museums offer free entry on certain days of the year. If you plan your visits around them, you could save yourself a heap of cash and still get the experiences you crave. You may even be lucky enough to find a free walking tour, where you can get all the information you desire and ask questions if you wish. Leave your tour guide a tip when you go though.

Leave the Cities

It’s common sense that the cities would be more expensive than the rural areas. Most travelers head towards the cities because that’s where the main attractions are, but you’ll get to see German life for what it really is when you leave. Some of the most beautiful sights are outside of cities, so if you enjoy beautiful scenery or long relaxing walks, you won’t miss city life too much. You’re likely to pay less for meals, drinks and attractions when you leave the cities.

Carry Cash

Many German restaurants, especially the authentic ones, will prefer to be paid in cash. Most travel safety rules will tell you to restrict the amount of cash you carry in case of pickpockets, but it could save you more money to have cash with you instead of constantly paying by card. Paying by card often means you’ll be charged interest on top and there may be fees for using your card abroad.

Do as the Locals Do

Learning a few German phrases before you leave for your vacation could mean you have the tools you need to ask for advice when you need it. If you’re wondering how to learn German in a short amount of time, you could take a quick online course. That way, when you need to travel through towns and cities, locals can direct you to where you can hire push bikes, instead of walking everywhere.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to have a fantastic experience in Germany; just do your research before you go.

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