Saturday, September 2, 2017

From Pre-Teen to Teenager: Bedroom Decoration

We go through a lot of changes as we grow into teenagers and not just with regards to our bodies. Stuff that used to be fun is suddenly considered childish, playing with our siblings is something that’s done when no friends are around, and our sense of style changes as well. Make the transition as easy as possible for them, and help your pre-teenager out by encouraging them to find themselves and their own sense of style by pimping up their bedroom.

Here is a handful of great ideas that your child will love, making the prospects of growing up a bit less frightening and a lot more fun.

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Study Corner

Every high schooler to-be needs a decent corner to study in. They won’t be thinking about homework too much when you head to the mall, though, as much as they’ll be looking forward to all the knick-knacks they can buy to make them appear a bit more grown-up. 

Think ergonomic principles as well as style when you’re out shopping to make sure they’re able to soak up knowledge in a healthy posture. A few collections of stationeries will help them to come with terms of using their study corner for actual studying, and provide them with the tools that can make school work creative and fun.

A few of these small chalkboards to hang around the study desk is perfect to keep track of their after-school activities and can make for a mean art project as well.

Flexible beds

An inviting bedroom will do more than ensuring the comfort of your preteen; it will ensure that they invite friends over as well, maintaining their social life and boosting their happiness in general. Sleepovers are always fun for children - and just because yours is about to grow into a teenager doesn’t mean they don’t want to invite their friends over anymore.

Quite the opposite, actually, as they depend on strong friendships when trying to define themselves and find their feet outside of the family. 

A flexible daybed is a good idea for all teenagers; use it to have a nap on between school and sports activities, sleep comfortably during the night - and extend it to make room for sleepovers. If you have a bit of space left, give them the joy of owning a kids bean bag as well to make sure they don’t grow up quite yet. 

Mix open and closed storage

Confusing as this whole transition may be, one thing's for certain; teenagers want their privacy. At the same time, though, most of them also need to express themselves - like all people do, just times hundred. 

This is easy to achieve by giving them a mix of closed and open storage; let them stack away everything they feel is private, while still being able to proudly display what defines them. 

Defining yourself and having a space of your own is a magical feeling to any teenager. The bedroom is the first chance they get to experience this and develop a sense of pride in the place they call home. 

Even if they still fail to listen when you tell them to tidy up the living room, you’ll be amazed at how tidy they’re able to keep their bedrooms when they first love the way it looks. 

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