Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Don't Be Egotistic, Be Eco-Tastic

Just thinking about yourself and doing things to only better your own life will only get you so far. Thinking about others, on the other hand, will open up a whole host of opportunities. And thinking about the environment and trying to make an active difference in regards to climate change will open up even more opportunities, for both the rest of the world and yourself. Yes, by going green you could end up helping yourself, your fellow earth inhabitants and earth itself. Read on to see just how you can do it.

Eco-friendly = cost effective

Being eco-friendly doesn’t just help to cut down on all the bad things that are harming the environment, it helps to cut down on your expenditure too. For instance, by choosing to go green with the way you provide electricity to your home — by having solar panels fitted to its roof — you can cut down on the harmful emissions given off by electricity and save a whopping 50% on your electricity bill whilst you do so. This means you would be contributing to the prevention of further complications regarding global warming and climate change, and contributing more money to your savings fund whilst you do so. And if that wasn’t good enough, how about the guarantee that the solar panels you have fitted to your house would never become redundant? This is because you would be making use of the one true constant in life: the sun. The sun is never going to stop giving off rays (well, if it did there would be no life anyway), so your solar panels would never prove to be a bad investment over time. So, being eco-friendly doesn’t just help control the earth’s climate change, but it helps to control your budget too.

Eco-friendly = simple and easy

Most of the time, by channeling your inner eco-friendliest (not an official term) and trying to be eco-friendly with everything that you do, you will find simple and easy ways to do things. By switching to eco-friendly alternatives, more often than not you will find yourself cutting corners and achieving things both easier and quicker. An example of this can be found in the various chores you have around your home. By being eco with the way you combat chores, such as cleaning, you will find that you take half the time to do them with half the amount of effort that is normally required. One example of such can be found in an eco friendly way to clean smelly drains: this includes using only baking soda, boiling water and white vinegar. You can use these ingredients — which you more than likely have in your home already — to clean your drains in an eco-friendly way, thus stopping you from having to go out and purchase a cleaning product. This means you are saving on the effort of having to go to the store, and on the money you would have spent on the product in question.

So, if you truly want to better your life, try thinking about others. Specifically, try thinking about the planet you call home and those you share this home with. Once you do so, your own life will be improved no end also.

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