Thursday, December 21, 2017

The Cyber Connection Every Parent Should Have With Their Children

Things had changed since the 1990´s when video games were just beginning to come out onto the mainstream technology scene. As parents, it's our job to make sure no matter what avenues our children verge down, we keep up with their interests. Parenting itself is a hard enough challenge without not having a bond with your kids that goes beyond dropping them off and picking them up from school. Learning about what’s new in the gaming industry isn’t difficult at all, in fact quite the opposite. You may not know this, but video gaming is a larger industry than Hollywood, regularly pulling in trillions of dollars in annual revenue. The plethora of titles, brands, franchises, companies and media channels serves any needs and answers any questions you might have. Rather than aiming blindly, it's wise to keep track of the hottest trends right now which will help bring you closer to your children’s hobby. 

VR explosion

Virtual reality is also known as just VR in the gaming world, has exploded onto the scene. This technology is simple to use, but complex in its logistical applications. The basic premise is putting on a cyclops screen around your head, whereupon the user is then made to feel as if they’re experiencing another world when playing games. Sounds simple enough, but at the moment this kind of tech is only worth getting for PC gaming. The styles you can explore are aeroplanes focused such as War Thunder and Pilot Flight Simulation. Controls are done via two handheld joysticks which are wirelessly connected to your WiFi router. 

Gaming news 

You never know but keeping up with the daily gaming chatter could do wonders for your relationship with your children. Usually, young children will only confide in their friends who have similar tastes but if you invited into their inner circle as well. Gaming news websites such as have the latest news on different categories and delve deeper into the top trends that most likely any teenager and or growing child will know about. The online publication features articles presenting the latest news for console lovers too; such as the big three brands of Sony’s Playstation 4, Xbox and Nintendo. The titles that are a hot topic get great coverage so you’ll never be out of the loop and always have something to connect with your children with. 

Gaming icons on YouTube

The era of the gaming influencers has well and truly arrived as at one point completely strangers who loved video games and shared their experiences online, have become megastars. Sitting down and watching YouTube videos of your children’s favorite players of their favorite game is just as the same as watching Netflix; except it's free. Notable gaming icons online are PewDiePie, JackFrags and FrankieOnPC1080p. However most of the time you’ll be able to find the top trending videos for gaming on the trending page itself.

Being a part of a subculture that the younger generation love and enjoy allows you to get involved with the growing up of your children. Playing video games with your mother or father is an experience no child or teenager forgets when they grow up. 

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