Wednesday, December 27, 2017

5 Tips to finding a part-time job

Knowing where to start when trying to find a part-time job can be difficult, especially when taking into consideration that different employers have different requirements. Many people resort to part-time jobs for various different reasons which include low pay in their current jobs which cannot cater for their bills and needs or a way to boost their resume to enable them to transition to a new career path.

Finding a part-time job depends on what you’re looking for and in which fields you’d like to develop new skills or improve your skills. Whether you are just looking for a part-time job as a way to settle your bills or are a student with the aim of getting hands-on experience, the below tips will get you started on finding that part-time job.

1. Networking

Using your contacts is an effective way to get the word around in case they hear of a vacancy or someone hiring. Network through your family, neighbors, friends and make inquiries to find out if they are aware of any vacancies around. Active networking is an effective way to get part-time jobs, especially in small organizations that mostly use referrals in hiring.

2. Holiday part-time jobs

Numerous job openings can be found during the holidays especially during summer that students on holiday can do to earn some extra money. Some employers are only in need of part-time workers during a specific season. Small businesses like restaurants, boutiques, and marketing firms are among some of those that might require the services of a part-time worker during the high season. Most of these businesses are looking into hiring fast before the period ends and you have to be fast in attaching your resume so that they can decide whether you are an eligible fit or not.

3. Uber jobs

Working with Uber is a great way for you to earn cash part-time or permanently depending on your availability. Getting started is easy and what you will earn depends on the number of times that you drive. With their flexible schedule, you can earn a lot of money. If you’re looking for part-time driving jobs, and you want to find out about some Uber driver requirements, Ridester provides you with all the information that you need.

4. Approach the employer in person

A face to face approach can increase your chances of getting hired. Employers that own businesses like restaurants, resorts or hotels are a good choice for a personal visit. Research more about the place and the work that they do. Dress appropriately carrying along all the relevant documents with you and introduce yourself to the manager before inquiring whether there are any vacancies. Convince them that you can deliver and explain how you plan to use your skills to help them grow their business.

5. Find an online job

Not everyone is able to find a part-time job on the ground. There are numerous jobs online that you can get. Some require a lot of expertise while others require regular practice before you can get started. Either way, you can supplement your income by signing up for online work and work from home. Find legit online jobs that are not scams and you can go a long way in sorting your bills.

With the right steps and saying the right things to sell your skills, you can easily get a part-time job which might even turn into a permanent job.

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