Sunday, December 3, 2017

5 Signs Of Aging You Can Do Something About

Did you know those very first signs of aging can appear before you reach thirty? There are lots of reasons why they might show up early for some and a little later for others. Diet, exercise, and genetics will always play a part. Of course, if you’re skilled with your cosmetics, you can do well to hide them for ages. And if you have invested in a great skincare routine, you might be able to put them off for even longer. Here are just 5 of those early signs, how they’ll develop, and what you can do to slow them down:

Fine Lines

These are likely to be the very first things you notice. As soon as you do, you might think that your face is changing shape a little too. This is a sign that the plumpness of the skin is reducing. Collagen keeps young skin soft, supple, and plump. Muscles can help here so try some facial exercises to refine your shape. Your fine lines will eventually deepen into wrinkles. Some say botox injections help slow that down, but a good skincare routine including moisturizer will work just fine.

Saggy Jowls

The skin can appear to sag under and around the jawline over time. It becomes more noticeable after 40. Some experts think that hormone changes at this time of life can contribute to this problem. Reduce the risk of weight gain by maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercise. If you have a look at the websites of companies like Carolina Facial Plastics, you can see images of how this area can be affected as we age.

Wrinkly Decolletage

The decolletage is the area of the neck down into the cleavage. This area tends to look aged more than others because it is exposed to and not protected from the sun. Use a good moisturizer here every day, and remember your sunblock. You don’t have to cover up when you’re out, but it might help slow down this sign of aging. Again, hormones will probably play a part past the age of 50. Hormone Replacement Therapy can help to reduce the speed at which the loss of hormones will affect your body.

Thinning Lips

The lips thin mostly for the same reason the rest of the skin loses its youthful plumpness. You can keep the circulation going by rolling your lips together a few times per day. This increases the blood supply to the lips and gives them that natural rouge color. Some celebrities swear by fillers and lip plumping. There are also a few cosmetics that claim to be able to re-plump the lips. Clever application of lipstick can help give the illusion of fuller lips.

Thinning Hair

Thin hair is something you can’t avoid as you age. Hormone replacement therapy can help slow it down, but over time, your hair won’t be as plentiful. Look after it now by wearing it down, and cutting down on harsh coloring, styling, heating, and treatments. Will you fight the signs of aging when they happen to you?

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