Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Going All Out For The Christmas Party

A Christmas party is a nice end of year function to celebrate the work and struggles you’ve overcome in the previous 12 months apart from celebrating Jesus' birth.

So you want your party to look the best Christmas party ever has? Here’s some ideas to make it easier to plan, and to make sure it looks and feels great. 

How to Decorate

That can be easy once you’ve got a clear idea in mind. Use both the inside and outside to your advantage here, as your home can be cosy and warm for people to mingle in, or you can add an extra element of flair to it with a bit of clever lighting and some music. 

Hang up fairy lights over your porch, and put some Santa shaped ornaments either side of your door. Of course they can be any shape you want, as long as it adds a little more magic to the scene. Hang up a Christmas wreath, and let the hum of Christmas music float to the outside through the wood. 

What to Make

Christmas parties take a special kind of catering. Once you’ve bought the decorations, it’s time to move onto the biscuits and sweet treats your guests will love to nibble on. Some old time family favorites include cheese straws, gingerbread, mince pies, and of course there’s the mulled wine. However, we can mix it by throwing in some extra ingredients!

For example, take the idea of the mince pie and throw a bit of Baked Alaska on top of it, which is super yummy and looks great on a tablecloth. You can also make the cheese straws spicy or crunchy, for a little hidden flavor we always miss! 

How to Dress Up

Just because it’s a Christmas party doesn’t mean everyone has to come as a version of Santa and his elves! Instead, use this time to really show off your style and be the best dressed person in the room by taking the look of Christmas tinsel, baubles, and festive cheer and putting it into an outfit. 

A suit and blazer will always go down a storm, as it’s easy to maneuver in for the dancing and you can dress in multiple layers. Similarly, a playsuit or jumpsuit has a sense of festivity about it as they’re usually covered in a blotched or spotted pattern, perfect for that candy cane feeling whilst not looking overly dressed, and you can wear fluffy cardigans around your shoulders. 

Similarly, make sure your kids are outfitted just as nicely! For the younger ones this isn’t really a problem, they’ll look cute in everything. But if you have older children, you might find they have some issues with choosing the perfect outfit. So, if you’re having a trouble finding an outfit your teen will love, look into mermaid prom dresses, as they’re sparkly and flow out lovely around the ankles; sure to make your adolescent feel like a million bucks!

A Christmas has never had so much homemade cheer to it!

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