Sunday, October 22, 2017

No Chill: Keeping the Heat in Your Home This Winter

Winter is fast approaching. If you've grown used to mild temperatures and amiable weather, but reaching that time of year when temperatures drop rapidly and, more often than not, you will find yourself tackling winds, rain and frost each time you leave your home. Now, there might not be all too much that you can do to heat things up when you’re stood at a bus stop or on a train platform waiting for your transport to arrive. You might have to grin and bear short walks against the elements into the office. But there is one aspect of your life that you can hold a little more control over when it comes to keeping things warm and comfortable: your home. Your home should be your safe haven, where you can kick back and relax without tensing up, shivering and huddling into whatever layers you have on in order to preserve heat. Here are a few hot tips to keep the heat within your property over the coming winter months.
Insulate Your Property

First things first, you should ensure that your property is effectively insulated. Many of us move into our homes assuming that they have the best quality insulation already installed. But there are actually so many buildings out there that lack the basics. So, give everything a complete check over. Your windows (one of the main sources of heat loss) should be double glazed, and your attic or loft space should have thick insulation (as heat rises and will escape from the roof if given the opportunity). If you have a conservatory, look into having an insulated, tiled roof installed to keep heat in this area of your home too.

Have Hot Water on Demand

During the winter, there’s little that can beat rolling out of bed into a hot, steamy shower, or coming home from work and running a hot bath. So make sure that you have hot water on demand. Install a tankless water heater into your property. Advantages of a Tankless Water Heater include having access to a constant stream of hot water rather than having to wait for the tank to heat each time you want to use it. They are more energy efficient as well so you can rest content in the knowledge that you are having a smaller impact on the environment on a daily basis too!

Toasty Extras

Now we have the basics covered, it’s time to cover toasty added extras. These are by no means necessities, but are great investments if you are particularly fond of warm, cozy atmospheres. First, heated towel rails. These not only serve the functional purpose of providing you with a space to hang your towels to dry, but they heat them up ready for when you exit the shower, keeping chills at bay. You could also invest in throws and cushions in your living space, giving you a more nest-like area in front of the tv on chilly winter nights.

These are just a few areas that you could focus your attention on. There are plenty more options for heating up your property out there. But using these points as starting blocks will get you off in the right direction.

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