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Why Exercise during Pregnancy?

Lately I notice that I've been spending too much time in front of the computer. Since my husband works day shift this month of August the computer is mine all day (lol) except of course when I get to do house chores and when my little bosses (my 2 lovely kids) aren't behaving well. Do you know what's keeping me entertained? Online contests! It's been a month already since I first joined and with my first winning which I created a post here I was overjoyed that I wanted some more. Another thing is that I'm also entertained reading different blog which inspired me to create my own.

So in a span of 1 month you can actually say that my life is kinda' sedentary, which isn't something so good especially that I am 6 months preggy with my 3rd. So to cope up and to promote a healthier lifestyle I tried out exercising. Just basic stretching, weight training and some dancing which is made even more fun with my kids joining me. This is my 3rd pregnancy yet my first time to try this, my only exercise during my 2 previous pregnancies was just walking and swimming when I got time.

Here are some of my photos exercising:

It's fun plus I get a lot of benefits from it.

To all preggo mommies out there I encourage you to try exercising as well even just the basic ones. I'll be sharing with you some information I have read on But of course you must also consult your OB-Gyne for those who are on high risk and because every pregnancy is different.

The best kinds of exercise for pregnancy

  • Walking: One of the best cardiovascular exercises for pregnant women, walking keeps you fit without jarring your knees and ankles. It's also easy to do almost anywhere, doesn't require any equipment beyond a good pair of supportive shoes, and is safe throughout all nine months of pregnancy.

  • Swimming: Healthcare providers and fitness experts hail swimming as the best and safest exercise for pregnant women. Swimming is ideal because it exercises both large muscle groups (arms and legs), provides cardiovascular benefits, and allows expectant women to feel weightless despite the extra pounds of pregnancy.

  • Low-impact aerobics: Aerobic exercise strengthens your heart and tones your body. And if you take a class for pregnant women, you'll enjoy the camaraderie of other moms-to-be and feel reassured that each movement is safe for you and your baby.

  • Dancing: You can get your heart pumping by dancing to your favorite tunes in the comfort of your own living room, with a DVD, or at a dance class, but steer clear of routines that call for leaps, jumps, or twirls.

  • Yoga: Yoga can help maintain muscle tone and keep you flexible with little if any impact on your joints. But you may have to augment a yoga regimen with walking or swimming several times a week to give your heart a workout.

  • Stretching: Stretching is wonderful for keeping your body limber and relaxed and preventing muscle strain. Add stretching to your cardiovascular exercises to get a complete workout.

  • Weight training: If weight training is already part of your exercise routine, there's no reason to stop, although most women should reduce the amount of weight they're lifting (you can do more repetitions to ensure that you're still getting a good workout). If you take the necessary precautions and use good technique (meaning slow, controlled movements), weight training is a great way to tone and strengthen your muscles.

You can see more HERE

Seven great benefits of pregnancy exercise

1. Boost your energy
Pregnancy can sap your energy, but regular bouts of exercise will help you get through your daily tasks or cope with a demanding schedule: Exercise strengthens your cardiovascular system, so you don't tire as easily. With muscles that are strong and toned, you need less effort to engage in any activity, whether that means grocery shopping or sitting through meetings at the office.

2. Sleep better
When you're carrying an extra 15 pounds (or more!) in front of you, finding a comfortable sleeping position can be a real challenge. But exercise will help you work off any excess energy and tire you enough to lull you into a more restful sleep.

3. Reduce pregnancy discomfort
Overall, regular exercise stretches and strengthens your muscles, which helps your body cope better with the aches and pains of pregnancy. Stretches ease back pain, walking improves your circulation, and swimming can strengthen your abdominal muscles.

4. Prepare for childbirth
It makes perfect sense: The better shape you're in, the stronger you'll be come labor and delivery time. Giving birth is akin to running a marathon, which requires stamina, determination, and focus. Though it hasn't been well researched, training for childbirth through exercise may ease labor and even shorten the time it takes to deliver your baby.

5. Reduce stress and lift your spirits
Having a child is a life-changing, momentous experience that can leave you feeling simultaneously ecstatic, overwhelmed, and anxious. One study found that exercise boosts levels of serotonin, a brain chemical linked to mood, putting you in better spirits.

6. Improve your self-image
Watching the scale inch its way up to numbers you've never seen before can be disheartening. Staying active helps you feel better about yourself and improves your odds of gaining a healthy amount of weight.

7. Get your body back faster after childbirth
This alone is motivation enough for many women to embark on a pregnancy exercise regimen. When you've maintained your strength and muscle tone all through your pregnancy, your body will have an easier time bouncing back after you give birth. You’ll also gain less surplus weight if you exercise during your pregnancy.

Well I just started out the other day and hopefully will be able to comply with it all through out my pregnancy. Who wouldn't wanna feel better and be healthier?

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