Thursday, December 21, 2017

Letting The Outside Of Your House Reflect the Inside

When people set out to redecorate or revamp their homes, they immediately think about what they can do to improve the interior and don’t think that much about the exterior. Most people only work on the outside of their house when it really needs something doing, and not just because it should look as lovely as it does on the inside. The outside of the house is what everyone, including yourself, sees first. You want it to be welcoming, light, fresh, and a wonderful haven to come home to. Your job in decorating your home isn’t finished until the exterior looks as beautiful as the interior. 

The reason the outside is neglected more is that each task out there seems so much bigger. Painting the front wall means painting an entire side of the house, and not just the one wall in your lounge. But if you have just repainted most rooms, how much different is that to painting the outside too? You might need to hire the right people to give you a hand, as some jobs need a professional touch - but that’s the same as when you re-fit a kitchen or bathroom. 


You want each person who crosses your threshold to feel welcome. So make that feeling happen by creating a lovely area around your front door. A little stoop or porch is great, especially if your guests are waiting out in the rain or snow - they’ll already feel warmer and happier out of the weather. Wooden doors may just need sanding down and paint, or you might decide to change to a UPVC - or the other way round. Either way, if you are going to change your door, look into double glazing and a good seal - these will save you tons of money on heating bills. 


Your guests and your family will feel a whole lot safer with some sort of security on your house. Use motion-detecting floodlights across your drive and yard, and install a surveillance camera or two in good locations to see and be seen. Nothing scares burglars away like obvious security measures. 

A lick of paint

You would be surprised at what point many homeowners let their painted homes get faded and chipped before they think to repaint it. Your house might be brick, shingle, plaster or some other material. But if your house is painted, then you need to keep on top of it - not only will it look nicer, but it can also improve the worth of your home. If you’re thinking of painting your house for the first time, remember that whatever color you choose needs to be something easily changeable, just in case it hinders your sale if you ever decide to move on. 


Pretty much every household these days has at least one car. Which is way so many houses have extended driveways. Keeping the drive clean and tidy goes a long way to making your home look lovely. While you are doing a spot of gardening, take your trowel round to the drive and rid it of those pesky weeds. Have fun with a rented jet wash and make your drive look as fresh as the day it was laid. You might consider re-laying your driveway with bricks or tarmac, or it just might need a high-powered wash. 

The roof of the issue

You may not have thought about it ever, but your roof is an essential part of your home. And the one that is exposed to the elements the most. They don’t often need work, but it is always worth having someone check it now and again for any loose tiles or damage. If you have a thatched roof, then you should already be aware of the importance of cleaning and caring for it. 

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