Saturday, December 9, 2017

Freshen Up Your Home In 5 Simple Steps

There’s nothing like filling your lungs with fresh air! Thankfully, you don’t always have to head outside to do so as it’s entirely possible to keep the air inside your home nice and fresh all year round. 

It’s very easy for the air in our rooms to get stale and musty, but this is easy to change once you know how to correctly air out your home. These five steps can make your rooms much fresher in no time at all!

Open The Windows

This is probably very obvious, but it still bears mentioning - open your windows! This will allow all the fresh air from outside to rush into your rooms. It’s a good idea to do this even in the middle of winter when it is very cold outside. To ensure your home doesn’t get too cold, only leave the windows ajar and don’t leave them open for too long.

Add Some Fragrances

If you take a look at sites like, you will see that you can now buy scent machines that will fill your room with pleasant fragrances. These are ideal for both office and home. You can choose from a wide range of scents, which will quickly diffuse around your room, no matter how big it is.

Update Your Air Conditioning Unit

When was the last time you had your air conditioning checked out? If it hasn’t been for a while, then this is something you need to think about doing. If the unit is very old, then it could actually be adding impurities to the air which can be bad for your family’s health and will also make the air much staler. Even if your unit isn’t that old, it’s still important to get it checked every year to make sure it’s in good working condition.

Add Some Houseplants

Did you know that houseplants can greatly improve the air quality in your home? It’s true! Not only will plants and flowers add some pleasing fragrances to your home, but they are also great at purifying the air. Plus, they can help you add touches of bright color around your home. Not all plants are great for purifying the air, though, but the best ones include spider plants and Boston ferns. You can see a complete list of purifying houseplants at

Get An Air Purifier

If you know that the air in your home is particularly stale, you should invest in an air purifier. You just need to place the purifying unit into a room and turn it on so that it can work its magic. It will effectively remove all the toxins and impurities from the air, leaving lots of fresh air behind!

As you can see, you don’t have to live in a home that is filled with dirty and musty air. All you need to do is follow the five steps above and you will have a much fresher house or apartment in no time. And then you can breathe easy!

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