Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Renovate More, Spend Less

Everybody loves giving their home a change around from time to time. Everybody loves giving their walls a fresh lick of paint. Everybody loves rearranging their living room and bedroom. Everybody loves modernising their kitchen. Unfortunately, however, not many people tend to do this too often because of one very important element of it: the cost. Unfortunately, many people put their desired home renovations off or on indefinite hold because they believe they cannot afford it. But this need not be the case; home renovations can be achieved even on the tightest of shoestring budgets. Read on to see just how.

Living room renovation

You can create an illusion of high-end style in your living room for a low cost; to do so, you have to be prepared to pay attention to lots of small, fine details. One such small detail that you should focus on is the installation and fitting of crown moulding. This kind of trimming helps to accentuate any room and make it look a lot more prestige and designer than it actually is. And the best thing of all is that it is relatively cheap to have done. 

What you should then do is start paying attention to another small, yet hugely important, detail: the color scheme. For best results, give a neutral palette a go — bronze and cream are your best bet. When you do so, your living room is going to instantly be filled with a Regency-style elegance without costing an arm and a leg.

Bedroom renovation

In order to inject your bedroom with a similar type of elegance, again you’re going to have to give as much precedence to the smaller details as you do the bigger ones. In this case, in this room, the smaller details that you should be focusing on should comprise of things such as what pillows you choose to adorn your bed with. And what these pillows should be made of, if being frugal is your goal, is linen that mimics silk or satin, and not actually silk or satin.

Kitchen renovation

Most of the time, stretching a renovation budget is about spending as little as you can. However, the smartest way to do so is to be clever with your spend. And one way to be clever with your spend in your kitchen is to introduce what is known as kitchen islands into it. These are worktops that would stand in the middle of an open and empty space you have in your kitchen; they can they be used for both practical and aesthetic reasons. And what is so clever about having these islands sit in the middle of your kitchen’s space is that they help to make use of every square inch you have in your kitchen without making things look crowded.

General advice

Sometimes, stretching your spend isn’t about being frugal and tight with your spending. No, sometimes it’s about spending big on products or services that you know you will get your money’s worth from for years to come. This could mean that the products or services that you go for are themselves good, sound work. Or it could mean only choosing things that come with a warranty so that you can take them back or have them changed if you are not happy with them. This could mean buying a strong three-piece suite that comes with a warranty. Or it could mean searching for interior painters that offer re-paint warranties — and the longer the warranty they offer, the better. By doing so you can ensure that the interior of your home is painted exactly the way you want it to be and that you are 100% satisfied with it, even if the first painting doesn’t look the way you’d hoped it would.

But you don’t just have to spend big on quality products and warranties, and neither do you have to be frugal with what you buy for your home’s interior renovation either. No, there is one more option that you could take, and that option is to do a bit of D.I.Y. Yes, by ‘doing it yourself’ in your home you give yourself the opportunity to change the way it looks no-end, without having to spend too much at all — especially on the labor costs. Specifically, what you should do is a bit of reupholstering and upcycling. When you reupholster an old sofa that you would have otherwise thrown out: one, you save on both the time and money needed to do so; two, you give yourself the chance to bring the sofa back to life without having to spend too much on doing so; and three, you can feel an added level of pride whenever you sit on it because you're the one who brought it back to life. Make sure to check out these tips on reupholstering a sofa if that is something that you want to do. 

And make sure you are prepared to channel your inner upcycler too if you truly want to indulge yourself in a spot of D.I.Y. Upcycling is the taking of old, unwanted products and reusing them in a creative, practical way. By doing this you not only save on the costs of having to buy new things in to match your home’s new style, but you give yourself to choose the exact style you want. There are many things around your home that can be upcycled creatively, so you can never say that there isn’t, and then use that as an excuse not to do it!

Every home deserves to look as high-end as it can, and not every home has to spend big to achieve it. No, there are many ways to make your home look as just about as stylish as any other, without breaking the bank. You just need to be prepared to be clever with your spend, and not necessarily tight. You need to be prepared to put the work in yourself, and not just have others do it for you. You have to be prepared to lose a lot of comfort in your home whilst the renovation process is taking place. And you have to be prepared to keep your home as clean as can be at all times. If you are prepared to do this these things, then go ahead and do them!

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