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Owning The Catwalk: What It Takes To Become A Model

There are many different beauty and fashion careers mentioned on this blog, but the articles are yet to include the idea of modeling. That is because only a few lucky individuals will ever achieve that goal. The process of making contacts and creating earnings can take a long time and involve lots of different aspects. Also, it’s not an exact science, and many ladies who do everything right will still fail. With that in mind, those who want to work in the fashion and beauty industries should probably try to find a job that offers more stability. That said, there are lots of girls out there who dream of strutting their stuff on the catwalk and working with world-famous designers. So, the step by step guide published below should help to point those people in the right direction. 
Maintaining a healthy body and weight 

There is no getting away from the fact that successful catwalk models have to keep their weight down as much as possible. Thankfully, reaching a size zero isn’t essential these days, but it’s going to help when it comes to finding work with the biggest agencies. Considering that, anyone who wants to launch themselves into that career will have to work out every morning and evening. Those ladies will also have to ensure they consume lots of fruit and vegetables while avoiding processed meats and carbohydrates. There are lots of specialist diets that anyone can try, and that’s probably a sensible place to start. That said, the best foods for weight loss according to most experts are:
  • Whole eggs
  • Leafy greens
  • Salmon
  • Lean beef and chicken breast
  • Boiled potatoes
  • Tuna
  • Beans and Legumes 
Making improvements to the body

It would be excellent if modeling agencies hired people with natural and imperfect looks. However, that is usually not the case when it comes to catwalk models. As designers want their new fashion items to hang correctly, all models should aim to develop the perfect figure. There are lots of cosmetic changes ladies might choose to make to their bodies to give them a better chance of scoring decent contracts. For instance, many girls want to undergo:
  • Breast enhancements and reductions
  • Nose jobs or rhinoplasty 
  • Body sculpting or liposuction
Anyone who wants to learn more about liposculpture and other treatments of that nature just needs to get in touch with a specialist. Many different professionals offer services of that nature, and they’re not as expensive as some people might think. That said, any money spent is an investment that should create a return further down the line. 

Never leaving home without perfect makeup

New models never know when they might get a call and have to attend a photoshoot or event at the last minute. For that reason, it’s vital that all women who want to join that career path make sure they look stunning all the time. Leaving home without perfect makeup is a big mistake because ladies never know when they might get an offer. Of course, that might mean some readers have to wake up a little bit earlier in the morning than they do at the moment. Still, it’s worth the effort if it helps the individual to earn more money. Also, girls who model for a living will often bump into lots of influential industry moguls when attending photo shoots and other small jobs. Creating the best first impression is essential if models want the catch the eye of people who could assist in furthering their careers. 

Visiting the hairdressers every few days

Just as ladies need to ensure their makeup looks stunning, they also need to spend more time at the hairdressers than most other people. Thankfully, models should encounter stylists on set when they attend shows or shoots. That means those individuals don’t always have to pay for the work on their hair. Still, it’s sensible to find an upmarket professional with an excellent track record and visit them at least once each week. It’s also important that ladies try to vary the styles they select to ensure they always look fresh and unique. There are lots of fashion magazines that could provide some inspiration if individuals struggle. Also, most hairdressers worth their salt will make recommendations if their clients ask for them. Just be sure to:
  • Get the hair cut and styled regularly 
  • Swap and change hairstyles monthly 
  • Use the best luxurious haircare products 

Starting small and working up

It can take a couple of years before new models breakthrough into the mainstream. With that in mind, it’s critical that everyone accepts small and low-paid jobs during the beginning of their career. If nothing else, attending catalog photo shoots and other things like that can assist ladies in building their reputation. They will also increase the chances of getting spotted by specialists who work with top designers. Some of the best opportunities for new models include:
  • Clothing catalog photo shoots
  • Business or brand-related shoots
  • Small fashion events
  • Glamour modeling 
  • Swimwear or lingerie modeling 
There are some websites anyone can use that advertise jobs for freelance models too. That means women can get involved in the industry before they get an agent or make lots of contacts. Be sure to perform some online research into that concept!

Attending fashion shows and conventions

Every single person who wants to earn money from modeling should get in the habit of attending important fashion shows and conferences. That is the case, regardless of whether they manage to get their name on the bill. As most ladies should understand, success in the industry has more to do with who they know than what they know. So, those are often the best events for women to attend if they need to meet influential professionals and network. Here are some of the world’s most famous fashion shows:

Australian Fashion Week
Los Angeles Fashion Week
Berlin Fashion Week
Tokyo Fashion Week
India Fashion Week
Madrid Fashion Week
New York Fashion Week
London Fashion Week

There are plenty of others too, but the shows mentioned above tend to get the best attendance and media coverage. So, there is a decent chance that aspiring models will meet lots of interesting people and perhaps even take their careers to the next level. 

Finding the right agent

Models will benefit from having a professional agent fighting in their corner. The situation is much the same as it is for TV personalities or anyone who might experience some level of fame. There are lots of agencies in the US that sign upcoming talent, and so they are usually the best people to contact. Still, it’s vital that individuals don’t sign their name on the first dotted line they encounter. Lots of agencies will attempt to pay their models the lowest earnings possible for their efforts. For that reason, it’s always sensible to hire an experienced lawyer and ask them to go through the deal with a fine tooth comb. Here is the best strategy ladies can follow when it comes to attracting an honest agent:
  • Identify the most suitable agencies 
  • Attend events organized by those companies
  • Make an effort to converse with officials at those events
  • Keep a portfolio handy at all times, and send it to the agency
  • Discuss goals and ambitions before paying an expert to check the contract
Taking setbacks on the chin

As stated at the beginning of this post, a significant percentage of ladies who want to become catwalk models will never achieve their ambitions. That is because designers and agencies will only employ the most suitable people, and there aren’t many jobs available within the industry. Considering that, anyone who chooses to walk that career path will have to get used to disappointments. However, it’s also critical that those folks learn to take any bad news on the chin and move on to better things. If any readers feel like they will give up on the idea after a minor setback, they should look for a different career. 

If modeling doesn’t feel like the dream job ladies imagined, they can always try:
  • Becoming a stylist
  • Becoming a designer
  • Launching a modeling agency
  • Becoming an actor
  • Writing about fashion as a blogger or journalist
Anyone who opts for those ideas will stand a much better chance of success. Also, it’s important that all new models understand they can still earn a decent wage even if they don’t manage to spend much time on the catwalk. In most instances, it’s just a case of using some common sense and thinking outside of the box. 

Girls who manage to read this post in full should now understand that modeling is not the most sensible or secure career move in the world. There are lots of reasons people might become disappointed and never earn a dime from their efforts. Still, sometimes everyone has to take a leap of faith to realize their dreams. So, while career advisers might try to discourage people from walking this path, at least now readers should understand all the ins and outs of the process. Incidentally, if anyone who reads this article manages to become successful, feel free to get in touch and tell the story!

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