Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Peaceful Family Bedtimes With These Top Tips For Overcoming Night Time Phobias

Bedtime is stressful for any mother. It’s that part of the day we most want to get out of the way. In truth, while adults can think of nothing better than slipping between the sheets, children see sleeping as wasting time. As such, very few kids would willingly go up to their bedroom when the time comes. The good new is, there are many guides about how to get stubborn kids into bed, and a quick Google search will lead you straight to them.

But, sometimes, reluctance to go to bed is more than stubborn behavior. If your child develops a fear of the dark, going to sleep could become a major issue for them. And, if this happens, their health and happiness are at risk.

Many parents, when faced with this issue, either turn to night lights or utilize natural light with methods like those mentioned at These options can help your child get to sleep, and thus overcome the largest hurdle. But, these methods cover the issue, rather than curing it. And, if you want an easy night routine anytime soon, a cure is essential. Find one by following these steps. 

Understand their fear to help them overcome it

The first thing you need to do is understand the source of this nighttime fear. Without knowing that, there’s no way you can help to ease your kid’s anxieties. Take the time to sit down with them and ask what frightens them so much. It may be that they’re worried about burglars, or monsters. Or, they may have seen something scary on television which happened at night time. Any number of issues can cause fears like these, and each needs to be handled in slightly different ways. 

Ensure they feel safe

Once you know where the phobia stems, you can take action to help them feel safe. If burglars are their main fear, it’s worth installing a home alarm system like those mentioned on This is a good idea for family safety anyway, and letting your child see you set the alarm is sure to put their mind at ease. 

If monsters are their phobia, you could develop a routine to check the cost is clear before bed. This could involve checking in any hidey holes, such as cupboards, and under the bed. It may even be worth developing something like a ‘monster spray’ which your child can keep with them. A spray bottle with water in it will do the trick here.

Bunk them with their siblings

If issues persist, it’s time to take more drastic action. It might even be worth moving your children into the same room so they can offer each other comfort. Though there’s now a focus on each child having a separate room, this is a new concept, which many are already questioning. As you can find from this article on, there are actually many benefits to kids sharing. And, curing that phobia could very well be one of them.

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