Saturday, October 28, 2017

Pregnancy After Miscarriage: How to Ease Your Mind

Most people may expect you to be overjoyed with your pregnancy news after previously suffering from a miscarriage. But, getting pregnant after a miscarriage is usually fraught with worry. In fact, for the first trimester at least, you may be feeling downright miserable. That isn’t because you’re displeased with the news of being pregnant, but you may be terrified that you’ll go through the same thing again. It isn’t uncommon for pregnant women who have suffered from miscarriages to detach themselves from their new pregnancy as a way of putting a guard up. So, how do you deal with it all?

Find Distraction

One of the best ways of getting out of your own head is to find some really good distractions. During your first trimester you may not feel like doing anything exciting, but that doesn’t mean you can’t distract yourself close to home. If you already have young children, they may be enough of a distraction anyway, but there are other things you can do. For instance, reading a book or watching a movie you know you’ll love. Even playing a board game with your partner could be enough to ease your mind a bit.

Get Professional Help

If you’ve been through a miscarriage before, you may need some extra assurance this time around. That’s perfectly normal, and most midwives are willing to do whatever it takes to put your mind at rest. That may mean additional scans at your clinic, additional antenatal appointments with your midwife and even some counselling if you see the benefit. However, if you don’t feel like you’re getting what you need, you can always take matters into your own hands. At FME you can purchase fetal monitors that allow you to hear your baby’s heartbeat from the comfort of your own home. There’s nothing as reassuring as that sound when you’re worried.

Wait Before You Tell People

The last thing you need is other people getting excited around you when you can’t be. Many women wait until after the first trimester to tell people they’re expecting, even if they haven’t had a miscarriage before. So, keep your precious secret a little longer until you feel more secure in your pregnancy. However, it can help to tell close family and friends who will understand what you’re going through. It’s a large burden to try and carry on your own, so the more support you have during this critical time, the better.

Relaxation Exercises

Your mind is so full of thoughts and your body is going through a tough transition; it can feel like you’re fighting a losing battle. Doing some relaxation exercises, like pregnancy yoga, can really help you to quiet your mind and get some well-deserved rest. It’s also a great coping mechanism for morning sickness and fatigue, so it could benefit you immensely during those tough first few weeks.

The best thing you can do is listen to your body and try to give it what it needs. Don’t be afraid to disappoint people. You come first!

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