Friday, October 13, 2017

A List Of Leg-Lengthening Lessons For Non-Leggy Ladies

Legs are a powerful tool in the arsenal of a woman’s look. If you don’t have the longest of limbs, then you might not think that this applies to you. However, that’s not strictly true. You deserve to have legs that look good as every super tall supermodel out there. A few tricks are going to help you do just that, too.

Shoes matter, but not in the way you think

Let’s get the obvious out of the way. Yes, the right pair of heels can add a few inches to your height, and pointed-toe heels, in particular, are great at extending your leg. But it’s not practical to wear heels every day of your life. Learn more about open-toed flats for smaller women. They can have just as powerful an effect in making you look like you have a little more leg than you really do. Sneakers can look cute, but they always tend to make a petite woman look even smaller.

Pull it up a little

Just as you can add a few inches to your feet, you can add a few more up top, as well. Making the high-waisted pair of jeans or skirt work for you is about finding the right top to go with it. Wear it with something a little too bulky and you risk looking too conservative and more like a soccer mom than a fiercely sexy woman. If you don’t want to draw too much attention to the waist, then cinch it with a dark belt and use a bright skirt to keep the appeal lower.

Long skirt, long legs

No, it’s not true that a maxi skirt will instantly grant you long legs, but it can certainly create the illusion, especially when used in conjunction with the last point. Again, there is the risk it can look frumpy, so it’s worth getting it tailored. A lot of stores offer free alterations, but you can just as easily do it yourself if you’re comfortable with sewing. Just make sure you try actually walking in the thing, too. If you can’t find it in kids or petite sizes, then trying to wear a maxi skirt without heels can soon feel like you’re a kid in a bathrobe that’s way too long for you. A tripping hazard they can most definitely be.

If you’re going short, go short

Showing those pins off can most definitely be an effective way to make it seem like there’s more there than there really is. The key here is not to fall in the middle ground. If you’re going short, you have to commit. A good pair of hot pants or short shorts or a more adventurous hemline (within reason) can really draw out the shape of your legs to their utmost potential.

Dressing to your shape is always important, but don’t forget that the right fashion choices can help you alter that shape, too. For the elegant, classy look or the mature, sexy appeal, playing up your leg game can do a lot for your style.

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