Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Meaty Reasons Why It's Time To Go Vegan

Have you been thinking about ways you could improve your lifestyle lately? This is something that many people often think about, especially as they start to get older and creep ever closer to old age. 

Lots of people try to change their diet in an attempt to overhaul their lifestyle, and one option that people have is to completely cut out all meat and dairy to go vegan. Are you intrigued by the vegan way of life? Hopefully, these following reasons will give you all the encouragement that you need to make this life change.
Good For Weight Loss

If you have been trying and failing to lose weight recently, it could be because of all the meat and dairy in your diet. Recent scientific studies have shown that people who follow vegetarian and vegan diets find it easier to lose weight than those who continue to eat meat. If you don’t eat meat or dairy, you will have to focus your diet on plant-based foods and ingredients, which are low in calories and high in nutrients. Just what you need for weight loss!

Helps Lower Life Insurance Premiums

If you take a look at some health IQ review, you will see that there are some life insurance companies that offer competitive rates and lower premiums to their customers who choose healthy lifestyle options. Paying for life insurance can be a huge financial drain, so lots of people are always on the lookout for cheaper premiums. It looks like the answer could be on a vegan diet!

Better For The Environment

Modern farming uses lots of industrial methods that are incredibly bad for the environment. This is especially the case for farmers who look after cattle and animals. So, if you choose a vegan diet, you will be helping the environment by choosing a more eco-friendly way of life. Think of it this way: rearing cattle uses a lot more water, energy, and land to produce the same amount of food as growing vegetables. So, next time you are in the supermarket and want to pick an environmentally friendly food, always reach for the veggies!

Meat Is Often Contaminated

Do you know what is in your meat? Unfortunately, the answer is probably ‘no.’ And, if you answered ‘just meat’ I’m sorry to tell you that you are probably wrong. In fact, most meat that is purchased from the supermarket is often contaminated. After all, just look at the poultry scandal that is currently unfolding in the UK. Even if your meat doesn’t get dropped on the floor in the factory, it could still be contaminated with hormones and antibiotics from the farming process. Lots of farmers give their cattle food laced with chemicals and hormones to keep them healthy throughout their life. Unfortunately, these stay in the meat and end up on our dinner plate!

Think you are ready to go vegan? If all of these reasons above weren’t enough to convince you, then I am not sure I know what will!

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