Saturday, October 14, 2017

Garage Ideas And Inspiration For Renovators

How do you want to feel when you open up your garage? How do you want to feel even before you’ve done that, and you’re simply gazing upon it just raring to open it up and enjoy what’s inside? The fact is, most people don’t feel the way they want to feel. They have a sense of dread because the garage is messy, and isn’t nearly organized enough. Not only that, it has no real purpose - is it a junk room? Is it a playroom for the kids? A garage gives a homeowner the opportunity to create another room that they can play with, so you need to make sure you’re taking advantage! 

Here are some garage ideas and inspiration for renovators - prepare to have your mind blown!

Go Minimal

The garage can actually be a minimally designed room where you store things without making a mess. Isn’t that incredible? Don’t use it as an excuse to store junk, like many people do. Get rid of the things you never ever use. Neatly tuck everything you want to keep away with hooks, cubbies, and storage bins. Think carefully about what you put in the garage, just as you would every other room in your home. You can even consider painting it a nice bright color so it doesn’t make you feel gloomy every time you open the door. Minimal could very well be the decor idea of choice for the modern garage! 

Go Monica

If you have a lot of stuff, you can’t go minimal. But you can go Monica. Now, if any of you are wondering what or who Monica is, we can only assume you’ve never watched the hilarious and legendary TV show ‘Friends.’ If you had, you’d know that Monica is a neat freak who loves nothing more than cleaning, organizing, and making sure that everything is in its right place - at all times. If you have lots of stuff, then find a way to organize it properly. You can find boxes and label them things like ‘Beach’, ‘wreaths’, ‘ornaments’, ‘camping’, ‘emergency’, and so on and so forth. 

Create Your Very Own Hobby Den

If you have a hobby or two that you like to spend time on, why not use the garage as an opportunity to create your very own hobby den? You could turn it into the perfect place to create wooden ornaments, items of jewelry, or any other craft you want to try your hand at. 

Make An Exciting Children’s Playroom

How about creating an exciting children’s playroom for your little ones? This could be the perfect place for them to go and use their imaginations (without messing up your home, might we add). You can paint the walls and make it fun and colorful. 

Put Together A Productive Home Office

Work from home permanently or occasionally? A productive home office could be the perfect use for your garage. Make it nice and bright so that you stay awake while you work, and include things like plants to give it a homey feel. 

Create An Awesome Exterior To Match

You must create an awesome exterior to match the interior of your garage. You need to start with the right garage, ensuring it’s a door fit for purpose. For example, a side hinged door if the room will get heavy foot traffic, recommend A-1 Door Company. You can visit the website for more inspiration on the right door. Keeping the outside of your garage clean is also important! 

Here are a few other ways you can create a better garage:

  • Make it super modern - some people have wooden and glass garages that look totally modern these days. 
  • Paint a mural - love art? Paint a mural inside and outside of your garage. 
  • Hide it away - cover your garage with winding plants and vines to create a cozy, hidden away feel.
Which of these ideas do you like the best?

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