Monday, September 2, 2013

How We Spent Our First of September

It's September! Start of the Christmas countdown and it's the birth month of my 2 baby loves, oh how time flies so fast. For the past days I've been meaning to blog, I had a lot of ideas to blog about but unfortunately a lot of things had happened which hinders me to do so. During the weekends, J's rest day so he gets to use the computer the most. I refuse to use the laptop because it's just to slow, as in sasakit lang ulo ko! So it left me with a lot of pending posts.
Well anyway to start off, I just wanna make kwento about my transition from August to September. 
I ended August with a drama. The night of August 31st right before it struck 12 midnight I was announced as 1 of the 5 winners of Avon Brassiere, so I felt really great. But just right after that, J and I had a petty fight, but throw in a pregnancy and a little bit of raging hormones even the smallest of things could be a big deal. And guess what I did, I locked the room and took the key with me. Since my in laws were sleeping in the other room J slept on the living room (te he). 
But the next morning which is the 1st of September, seems like nothing happened we were again okay, I told ya it's the hormones lol. We should have gone to the church but I actually woke up a bit late so just decided to go to the market.Then after we had lunch since it wasn't that hot we decided to go swimming, yes all of us.

Emo (hihi)

I don't know why, but Kuya Tantan is so scared, grabe maka-sigaw pag dinala sa tubig


Enjoying the water with Daddy

She's lovin' it!

It was fun! Afterwards we then headed to church but left baby A with my in laws since she fell asleep. We went to Las Pinas Bamboo Organ Church, it's the closest church to where we live and the only church I know so far. I felt great that we were able to complete the mass, it's been a while since we were able to then we went home right away as soon as the mass ended.

Here's what I wore to church. A maxi dress given by my in law and yellow flats by Chelsea which I bought from SM Department Store

And the boys..

We're all in stripes and shade of blue! 

It was a great day until we found out when we arrived home that my baby Athena is sick, she has fever. I felt guilty that I even took her swimming, maybe she wasn't already feeling better and the swim made it worst.

My sick but pretty baby Athena.

So I became her nurse all night. Although with fever she's still so makulit and very active, she still has the appetite to feed and most of all I didn't have a hard time giving her medicine. She's such a brave baby girl that's why her fever subsided right away during the dawn.

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