Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Special Delivery: My Haul for Today

Hey there, how's your Wednesday? Mine is pretty good, everything seems to fall in to place.
Right I told you we were supposed to bring baby A back to her Pediatrician for a follow up check up? We didn't, it's because her fever already subsided this morning. She was a bit feverish the afternoon but subsided after a dose of her Paracetamol and until now she is okay, no fever. And knowing my baby is okay now makes me feel better.

But you know what made this day extra better? A Special Delivery! Maybe Kuya Guard is already curious as to why we always have parcels (since we live in a condominium all parcels are handed over to the Guards then to be handed over to our Unit).
It was almost night time when Kuya Guard came knocking on our door, first I thought he is just giving out a memo but what he handed to J(my husband) was a shiny light blue plastic package and I got excited when he read out my name! I kinda had an idea as to what the package contains, but still I was very excited. So as usual, I took a photo of the package first before I opened it up.
The Packaging 
And I was right! The other night I was tagged on Instagram that the bags will be shipped the next day.
A Checkered Satchel Bag and The Body Shop BB Cream =)

I won these awesome prizes last August from Bonjour Bella and was sponsored by Sunny Side Up. Actually I'm supposed to get the UK design satchel bag however I believe there was a mix up and this checkered bag was the one shipped to me instead. But that's not a biggy, they both look good anyways. So yey, I got a new bag! It's been a while since I bought a bag, it was way back 2011 when I was still working and have the money haha!
As for the BB Cream since I don't get to go out I wont be able to use it yet and besides I don't put on any make up when I go out. I'm the loose powder and just lipstick kind of girl and i'm good to go. But using it wont hurt me right, maybe I'm gonna give it a try!

This is why I love joining contests, getting free stuff yay! =)

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