Thursday, August 29, 2013

Typhoon Preparedness Tips

Recently Philippines was battered by typhoon Maring, which left some of our fellow Filipinos homeless and some have lost loved ones. Some however are already starting anew and moving on after all life goes on.
Before I went MIA for a week I posted 
here about our experience during the said typhoon. It isn't the worst experience of all however, there's a lesson learned since we weren't really prepared during that time. It's rainy season once again so we could expect more episodes of raining or if worse comes to worst another typhoon. So I personally created a Guideline on the things that needs to be done during emergency situation such as typhoons. It's always best to be prepared than sorry.

Be updated!
Before and during the typhoon it's best to keep yourself updated with the latest weather report.

Food and Water:
Store adequate supply of water. At home we have 2 (5 gallon) water container we are actually planning on adding another one. Since we have a baby we also store about 2-3 (6 liters) of Wilkins water just to be safe.
As for the food, we do our grocery/market shopping bi-monthly. So aside from our 2 weeks supply of food, we have to prepare foods that could last at least a week for emergency. This foods should be non perishable and easy to prepare.
Cerelac, Gerber or any baby foods that are easy to prepare if you have a baby.

First Aid Kit
Should anything happen it's best to have this. Alcohol, Cotton, Bandage and so on.

If you are on maintenance, taking daily vitamins/supplement store at least a month supply or more.

Emergency Kit:
If the electricity shuts down you should have candles, match/lighter, Flashlight, Emergency Light, radio to stay updated and mobile phones.
Avoid making unnecessary calls to avoid network congestion. Have extra batteries if possible.

Emergency Hotline Numbers:
Make sure to store all the Emergency Hotline numbers on your phone, have it written as a back up or try to memorize them.

Extra Clothing:
and blanket if possible. It's gonna be cold the children would need it.

All of these should be stored where they would be easily accessible. And try not to panic during emergency situations as this could lead you disoriented. You have to stay calm and focused.

Try to create an emergency/disaster plan especially if your place is prone to massive flooding and there's a need to evacuate. Try to assign task to each family members, it's best to have everyone involved with your emergency plan.

So that's what I have thought about, it's shortlisted and based on my family structure.Have I missed out on anything? Feel free to share your own tips, would love to hear them!

Be safe everyone!

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