Saturday, September 7, 2013


Woohoo Saturday is almost over and tomorrow is baby A's 1st birthday already, i'm really excited! But also hoping that her rashes caused by Baby Measles would be all gone by tomorrow.
Well anyways a lot of things happened today, and they are all good so I am posting away some good vibes before ending this day.

It was just last Thursday when we took baby A to the hospital but since it wasn't her Pedia who checked her up we were advised to take her back Saturday. So as soon as J arrived home, we immediately took off because baby A's Pedia is only until 11 am. Since we already knew it was just baby measles we were advised the same thing and to take baby A back if there is a recurrence of fever (hopefully not).
We finished in no time so we went straight to SM Center Las Pinas to meet up with Angelique Misa. You may ask who she is, well she is the blogger behind 
Lady With Random Thoughts. Last August I joined and luckily won her Anniversary giveaway. The prize should be shipped to me but knowing that we are both from Las Pinas we agreed to just meet up so she could personally hand me my prize. We agreed to meet up in SM Center it's just near Perpetual Help Medical Center and where Angelique lives.
We weren't able to chitchat even for a while coz she seems to be in a hurry, as soon as we saw each other, exchange of "Hi's", handed me the prize and then she said goodbye and took off. I was actually planning to have our photos taken while she is handing me the prize (arte lang hehe) and maybe have a few talk with her. But she texted me and told me she is about to take her kapatid to school, that's why (hehe). Anyway maybe you are already curious as to what the prize is right?
And here it is...
A cool Mustache Watch
Me wearing it.

So after she left since it was already lunch time, we decided to have our lunch there. We ate at Jollibee as per Kuya Tantan's request. Every time we eat at Jollibee I always order the Chicken Spaghetti Meal, but since baby A's birthday will be held at Jollibee and we chose that meal for her birthday I decided to order something else. Something I haven't tried yet, so I ordered the Jollibee Ultimate Burger Steak.
Jollibee Ultimate Burger Steak with Egg on Rice

Seriously, I don't know how to eat it. Do I have to eat the fries and the burger steak together with the rice and egg? (lol) I personally love Jollibee's burger steak and I soo love french fries, but for me this meal is kinda weird. The only thing I like about it is the burger patty is bigger compared to the regular ones and I like the garlic on top of it and that's it. For me french fries is still best eaten separately and drenched with ketchup, yum! I know better now, next time I wont order this meal anymore, instead I will just order a burger steak meal and french fries separately. (Tee hee)

After eating we went straight home because J is already sleepy. He came all over from night shift, he was even sleeping on our way home. So as soon as we went home, he slept right away so I also put the kids to sleep. I am not sleepy so I proceeded with my "Me" time, and that's going online :) This is the only time I get  uninterrupted time in front of the computer so I have to take advantage of it while they are sleeping (lol).
And guess what, as soon as I logged on to my Facebook Account I found out that I won again...yes another winning! 

My name is spelled incorrectly, but that's me! haha

It was an Anniversary giveaway hosted by a fashion blogger Jaqui Perez of  Styledom. This giveaway was hosted by different Online Shops and my prize is a Jewelry Box from the Sissy Shoppe. Yey! This is why I love joining contests :) As soon as i receive my prize I will post photos of it.

Okay so that's it for now, gotta prepare for baby A's party. Good night =)

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