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Athena's Barbie Themed 1st Birthday Party at Jollibee

It only seems like yesterday when I carried another life in my womb and gave life to a healthy baby 9 months after. It was exactly a year ago September 8, when I gave birth to our first born baby girl, same birthday as Mama Mary that's why we named her Athena Mary. And I can't believe how time flies so fast, our baby girl has turned 1 already!
baby A wearing a princess barbie outfit. 

It's a very special occasion so we want this to be a memorable one, We planned on celebrating her 1st birthday with relatives and friends and with Jollibee :)
We planned about this party 2 months ahead of time.We decided to held the party in Manila although we now live in Las Pinas because our visitors are all from Manila. It was my in laws who looked for the venue, since they work in Manila, during their free time or after work they would drive around and scout for availble Jollibee branches. As early as July almost all Jollibee branches are already reserved for September parties. Good thing there's still one place that is available for September 8, 2013, it was Jollibee at Harrison Plaza. After informing us about this, we agreed to have it reserved already.

I am very thankful that my in laws are helping us out, because I really can't go out as I am taking care of 2 kids and is currently pregnant. But hey did you know that reserving a Jollibee Party can be done online? Yes, you can check it here Jollibee Online Party Reservation.

There are only 3 steps.

Just enter the required field.


      a. Choose Your Party Theme                                      b. Party Favors 

For the Party Theme, originally my mother in law chose the Hello Kitty theme but we changed it to barbie but subconsciously I was thinking about Princess theme, which they don't have (lol). Then we were informed that we couldn't change it back to Hello Kitty anymore, so we just stick to Barbie. 
There is a Party Fee of Php1,250.00 and that includes:
  • 1 Jollibee Mascot Appearance 
  • 20 Game Prizes
  • 1 Message Board
  • 30 Balloons 
  • 10 Boxes of Crayons
We had Party Favors Add-on, a set of Barbie Theme favors with an additional payment of Php 210.00 and it consists of the following: (We reserved for 30 pax) 
  • 30 pcs Party Hats with Name Tag
  • 30 pcs. Invitation Cards
  • 30 pcs. Tray Line
Thy also offer Loot Bags, which consists of Barbie themed items worth Php60. But we didn't avail of it, because we thought of having our own souvenir.

c. Choose Your Food Packages

You could have food add on's on the existing Food Packages.
Prices are VAT inclusive

You have an option to create your Meal, which is what we did and here's what we chose:
  • 30-pcs REgular Coke for a total of Php900.00
  • 30-pcs of Chocolate Sundae for a Total of Php750.00
  • 30-pcs Regular Yum for a Total of Php840.00 
  • 30-pcs Chicken Joy with Spaghetti for a Total of Php2,910.00

a total of Php5,400

 All of our guests are J's relatives since mine are all in the province. We invited some of our colleagues from our previous work but non of them made it, too bad they were all Athena's Godparents. Also I'm thankful that my friends Ruby and Karen made it to the party, they are the only guest from my side. Although our colleagues didn't make it we exceeded the 30 head count, our guests including us are 46 in total. So 
additional 16-pcs of the food package. 

d.  Theme Cakes by Red Ribbon
For the Barbie Theme Cake you can choose from Chocolate or Mocha 
Medium size is 900.00

You can pay for the full amount or make a Php3,000 deposit and just pay for the balance right after the party. 

Okay so for the cake, I find their cake so small so we didn't avail of it and checked somewhere else instead. But the cake couldn't be served to the guest, it's only for display. 

Fondant Barbie Cake which we ordered from Aling Noni's, 
we also ordered our wedding cake from her.

Mini cupcakes with Personalized Toppers from Delishaes Cakes.
There is a story behind these cupcakes, I won this from their Facebook promo contest last July and decided to add this to baby A's birthday...lucky eh? You can check my post here. These cupcakes are supposed to serve as giveaways/souvenirs but then we thought that it should be something for keeps that's why we didn't have it individually boxed. But since we were all busy we weren't able to prepare any giveaways anymore :(

Jollibee also provided a tarpaulin but we can't have it so we just made our own.

Cutie Athena, photo taken when she was just 10 months old.

The only available time for the party was 3:00pm  5:00pm and it's for 2 hours only and there will be an additional Php500 fee for every 30 minutes extension. The party actually started a bit late, since we also arrived late because we rushed few things that same day.

All the guests are required to register, and upon registration they will all be given a name tag.
There is also a program to be followed and it's only now that I realized that there wasn't an opening prayer or did I just miss it? (lol) All I can remember is that there was a welcoming of guests then the Party Hosts performed a dance number. J and I together with Athena were called to stay in front for a short interview and a quick dance from us the parents, good thing I was preggy I have an excuse so it was only J who dance, good for him it wasn't recorded haha! After that we proceeded with the Games, For the first game it was like a "bring me" type of game, where the host asked guests to bring coins, started with 1 peso coin, 5 peso coin then 10 peso coin then afterwards the host asked us the parents to toss it in the air and have kids get them (pa-agaw). Then few more games followed
There were games for the kids, and kids at heart :)

Next was serving of food then the most awaited part by the kids, Jollibee Mascot Appearance!
baby A was amazed with Jollibee but still wasn't smiling, maybe she 
is overwhelmed with unfamiliar faces.
On the other hand, Kuya Tantan was ecstatic, he loves Jollibee big time!
Family picture with Jollibee :)

Jollibee's appearnce is only for 30 minutes. He gave a dance number and a birthday wish for baby A. We parents and grandparents also gave our birthday wish then we proceeded with singing of Happy birthday and blowing of candle, where Kuya Tantan was the one who blew the candle.
As part of the program we were also asked to open up at least 3 gifts from our guests.
 First gift, a Barbie bag. I wonder what's with J's face. (he'll surely get mad when he sses this, bleh :p)
2nd gift, a Barbie Photo Album :)
3rd and the last gift we opened up, a purple dress and headband.

Thank you so much for all the gifts! Athena loved them all so much :)
Afterwards we then distributed the balloons to our guests, we also gave out the mini cupcakes. I know it wasn't allowed but the staff didn't say anything about it anyways. Then Jollibee bid farewell and then that's how the party ended.
me giving out the balloons to the kids :)
Some more photos...
Thanks Ruby and Karen, the only guest from my side :)

 Lola giving her birthday wish for baby A
 and Lolo too
 With our late guests hehe, they arrived when the party was almost over
better late than absent hehehe
 baby A with Tita Jhovy (my sis in law) and Jollibee
 baby A with Ate Mary Jane and baby cousin
with Tita and mga Ate
 baby A eating mini cupcake
More photos on my Personal Facebook Page!
Our Experience: 
First of all I am very thankful that baby A's condition got better as I have posted on my previous posts that she has baby measles. On her exact birthday all the rashes on her face were all gone, God is really good! 
We rushed few things early that day that's why the party started a bit late but ended just in time. There wasn't an Opening prayer as I could remember, whatever happens I believe that is necessary especially that September 8 is also Mama Mary's birthday. I have attended parties held at Jollibee previously and based on experience the Crayons are supposed to be distributed to kids so they could color while waiting, they shouldn't serve as game prizes. I believe there were only 3 games and the prizes weren't enough. Maybe there weren't enough time to perform all the games but the prizes should still be given to us.
i'm not satisfied with this.
Also when we reach a certain amount for the package we availed we should be getting 30-pcs Free Peach Mango Pies but I don't know what happened why we didn't get any. I believe we have reached that certain amount, it was my in law who talked to the staff about it because I was busy entertaining my guests. Instead we only got Php250 GC and a free water bottle.

I can say that the party was so much fun. Although there were few issues I'm still happy that we were able to celebrate baby A's birthday. The party hosts were kind and performed professionally. We created the Meal, and I can say that you can never go wrong with Jollibee spaghetti, chicken joy, burger and the sundae, it's already a heavy snack so I'm confident that we were able to satisfy our guests. To sum it up, overall the party was a success. And I don't mind having another party at Jollibee.  Sa Jollibee Bida ang Saya!

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