Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday Kuya Tantan!

It's been 4 years now that my life became more meaningful. My life was changed big time since I held you in my arms and for that I will be forever thankful having you as my first born, Kuya Tantan. And now that you've turned 4, all I wish is for you to be happy. You will always be Mommy's little Man,Belated Happy Birthday Kuya Tantan!

We planned on celebrating both kids birthday together, however we thought that Kuya T has his own celebration of his 1st birthday so we might as well give baby A her 1st birthday party. Last SUnday, September 15 was Kuya T's 4th birthday. It was raining so we weren't able to go out so instead we just celebrated it at home with my in laws.
It was just a simple celebration and we decided to have it on merienda time. My in laws took care of the Cake and the Ice cream then I cooked my specialty, Creamy Tuna Pasta.
Half Box of  Ice Box Cake 325.00 
Half Box of Potato Almond Crunch Cake 300.00

My mom in law bought these cakes are from Becky's Kitchen. They look very simple but tastes like heaven. So far these are the only flavor that I have tasted and loved it, I would definitely try out other flavors.
Double Dutch and Rocky Road Overload Ice Cream & Waffle Cones from my sis in law
My Creamy Tuna Pasta! (will make a Recipe post for this)
 Table Set Up (extra pa yung Barbie Cake ni Athena )
 While we were singing him Happy Birthday
 He's really excited to blow the candle
 Playing with the cake
 Baby A 
 Close up? hehe
 Nice smile Kuya Tantan!
 Sige sa Mantsa!
 Takaw :p
Here's my Babies drinking their Milks before the day ends

We forgot to give him our Present during his birthday, we only remembered it the next day.
 Packed in a glittered green gift bag
Remote Controlled Race Car from Toy Kingdom
He loves Toy Cars!

A simple celebration it is but very special, I'm sure Kuya Tantan loved it. I hope that this memories would make him smile in time when he sees it. 
Belated Happy Birthday again Kuya Tantan, WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!

After the celebration I noticed Kuya T was feverish, he's hot to the touch and was a bit irritable. That is why I wasn't able to blog about his birthday right away. But he is okay now, his fever only lasted for 2 days. Maybe it's because of the changing weather, in fact I am also not feeling well right now but I already have lots of pending posts so I'm trying to stay up as long as I can. Okay so that's it for now. Till next post!


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