Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Special Delivery + Athena's Visit To Her Pedia + Pig Out Day

Yes! I am able to blog again, 2 days in a row. Lucky me, J's off to work so the computer's mine! (lol)
By the way right I told you that my baby Athena got better during the dawn of Monday? Well it was only for a few hours so Monday morning we went to Perpetual Help Medical Center to visit her Pedia.

There were no laboratory exam ordered, just a physical examination since Athena doesn't show any signs and symptoms aside from fever so it could be just her body's response after she has been exposed to the pool water and in an open area. So I just have to continue her Paracetamol, Sponge bath and monitor her and if the fever doesn't subside after 2-3 days bring her back in. It was past 11am when we finished, it was already hot so we went straight to Mcdonald's it was just beside the hospital. We ordered fries and coke float for snack, then went home after. Since we just had our snack we were all full so we decided not to cook lunch anymore. We're used to eating rice every meal but since we didn't that day we ended up eating and eating, as in kung anu-ano na lang. We ate bread, there were some left over boiled bananas from breakfast and pancit canton (te he). So I just decided to cook something good for dinner, our favorite Sinigang na Hipon, yum!

Yum! I'll be making a Recipe Post for this :)

This is J's all time favorite kaya ayun nagbaon pa sya sa work hehe (he works night shift). Later that night when I left the computer on, siguro kinalikot ni Kuya Tantan na pasaway ayun na-virus po ang PC! A message is appearing asking for a payment and a code then automatically restarts tapos ganun ulit. Kaya Monday night I wasn't able to go online na except on my mobile.

I woke up early this morning for my baby's medicine, yes she's still sick :(

Tempra Paracetamol, Thermometer, Fever Patch and Towelette for Sponge bath 

I checked on the computer hoping it's ok na pero ganun pa rin. So I just ate breakfast with the kids.

Here's what I ate; Itlog na Maalat with rice and Hot choco

Right after breakfast, there came a knock on our door. Si Kuya Guard with a Special delivery for me, yey! Since I recently won in a few contests I was guessing what could this be, so I immediately opened it up. Hehe who am I to kid around, syempre I took a photo of it muna :)

The packaging. Can you guess what it is?

Tada! Godiva Products.

I won this from 
Green Home Elements one of the many bloggers who hosted a Pasko sa Agosto Giveaway. What I like about these products is that they are all Whitening and it indicated there it's best for discolorations caused by pregnancy. Nice right?

Then J arrived home ate breakfast then immediately fixed the computer, good thing he's an IT :) but it was only fixed later that day na because he slept pa.
So finally, I'm able to go online to check updates and blog. Though I can't stay online that long coz I need to attend to my baby girl coz she's still sick. Tomorrow we'll be taking her back to her pedia. I'm really hoping and praying she gets all better in no time, it's her 1st birthday na this coming Sunday, Sept. 08. The venue has been reserved na, everything's almost set oh except her dress pa pala. Hay basta all I want right now is for her to get well.
Alright enough said, i'll be hitting the sack now. Till next post. Good night!

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