Friday, November 17, 2017

When Home Maintenance Equals Health Maintenance

How far do you go to maintain your health? For most, health is synonymous with regular exercises and a balanced diet, preferably without added sugar or fat. In fact, it wouldn’t be exaggerated to say that most of us probably keep an eye on the calories too and make sure to avoid second helpings when they can! With the rise of fitness trackers, it’s becoming incredibly easy to keep track of your activities every day and to make sure that you are not being too lazy. Additionally, if you’ve got a smartwatch – especially the latest Apple watch – you’ve probably noticed that the clever device has an in-built reminder that pushes you to stand up and regularly walk, even if you work in an office. So, it seems that there is no way you can improve your health even more. But you would be wrong to think that there’s nothing left to change. In reality, there’s something that all fitness aficionados have forgotten in their health plan, and that’s their home maintenance. What does home maintenance have to do with health? Read on to find out! 

Looking after the air quality

You probably know everything about air pollution, and maybe you’ve already decided to reduce car drive and walk more – which will keep your pedometer and the people who measure the quality of the air outdoors satisfied. But have you ever considered indoor air pollution? The air in your home can transport pollutant, contaminants and unwanted bacterial particles, consequently putting your health at risk. You can find houseplants that are recommended to purify the air, such as Boston fern or bamboo palms, which are great to get rid of formaldehyde, for example. Additionally, you need to ventilate your home regularly to avoid the presence of humidity and mold formation. Finally, if you’re using an air-con system, you should book a yearly AC maintenance to ensure that the unit doesn’t spread contaminated air. If you live in a humid home, you should consider the addition of a dehumidifier too. 

Giving no chance to pest and mold invasion

As a homeowner, your maintenance duties include undertaking the necessary renovation work in the flooring, ceiling and wall structure to avoid air or water infiltration that could weaken the building. A damp ceiling, for instance, can present the perfect environment for mold growth, without mentioning the health hazard of stagnant water. Besides, a breach in the wall can also appear inviting to unwanted guests, such as mice or bugs. Good thing, we have pest control experts to rely on. 

Messy home, messy mind

With time, clutter accumulates in your home. From old newspapers to unloved items that you’ve bought and never used, most households have too much unnecessary stuff that collects dust and takes a lot of room. That’s exactly why decluttering can be helpful. As the room cleans from all the things you don’t need; you’ll notice that your mind clears out too. In fact, decluttering has a positive domino effect. Clutter-free environment means clear thinking. 

In conclusion, it’s worth adding a new point to your health to-do list: Home maintenance. A clean home for a clean body, how does that sound to you? 

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