Wednesday, November 22, 2017

A City Break In Among Gothic Towers Of Central Europe

Europe is the continent that brews the modern day Western culture that we see today. Such a rich history that is admired from all four corners of the world. This is due to the fact that many cultures, peoples, and senses of being are packed in tight, squashed together so that identities are strengthened. No more so than the city of Gothic architecture, fantastic beers, and large open green landscapes just outside the city walls. Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is an incredibly iconic city. You see it in movies as a strange, spooky yet ultimately romantic place. River boats cruise down the arteries, while people drink, eat, laugh and debate in the cafes, restaurants, and parks. This city is not to be confused with Eastern Europe counterparts, as due to its location it's entirely unique. With such countries like Germany and France on its western flank, and Romania and Hungary on it's east, it's a mesh of influences. 

Photo by Mary Kar

Getting there

Many people intent on traveling and exploring Europe, will often find that landing in either Berlin or London is the best options for all public transport and continental trains run through them. However, with the age of short burst flights and a wave of companies ready to make them, you should be focusing on cheap flights to Prague directly. It's by far the fifth most visited city in Europe, and thus the four million people that are drawn in are more than likely to be made way for. The prices can easily range in the two figure mark, but also shoot up to around 400 euros for those looking to pay for convenience and a little better than economy class.

Why it's iconic

Much like the countries that surround the Czech Republic, the nation has a vast history of Christianity. There are many different sects, but the most abundant is Catholicism. This is Prague is called the city of spires, as the gothic towers of churches and cathedrals loom high in the sky and can be seen for miles. The architecture isn’t the only mind-blowing experience, but the way the city has navigated its lifestyles around the Vltava River is akin to parts of Venice. The riverboats cruise gently downstream, and at night, the buildings, shops, homes and street lights leave the city truly a wondrous sight to behold.

Source Nillerdk

Food culture 

The Field is one of the best restaurants in the entire city, and it's little wonder it has three Michelin stars. It's simple and humble, with decor purely there for function rather than to please the eyes. Its cuisine is a wondrous mix of gamey animals, with hearty, rich recipes that are not only designed to taste splendid but to fill you up. The bistro culture is widespread around the city, as cured sausages with spices, herbs and salts can be accessed almost anywhere. The soups and broths will warm you from the inside, with a rustic slice of bread to be your other companion. Indeed the city is cold for most of the year, so the food has taken inspiration from the surrounding landscape mostly inhabited by farms.

A city break in this gothic outpost in the center of Europe is one of the most cultured experiences on the continent. The architecture is famous the world over, the culture is unique, and the food will put a smile of joy on your face. 

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