Thursday, November 16, 2017

Buy or Build: What's The Best Option For Your New Home?

Buying or building a house, which is the best option for you? If you’re thinking about moving into a new home, then you might be at this crossroads. Well, I’ve got a few arguments in favor of both sides for you to take a look at down below. 

Buying a house is easily the most obvious choice out of the two. The main reason is that it’s just more convenient for most people. You haven’t got to organize everything from architects to builders, and so on, there’s less work on your behalf. 

Furthermore, it can take a couple of months to find a house, buy it, and move in. When you build, it could take up to a year, maybe longer. Some complications can occur, bad weather might prevent building from taking place on some days; a lot can go wrong. But, if you’re lucky, you could end up with a new house in a few weeks when you buy. 

Also, buying a house gives you the chance to improve on an existing property. You can make a few changes here and there, meaning you increase the market value. As a consequence, you can sell the house for way more than you bought it. 

I think most families don’t even consider this as an option, which is a little strange seeing as it does have many benefits. However, there is one obvious issue that probably explains why so few build rather than buy; planning permission. Some people might not get the planning permission they need to build their new house, and they may not even have a location to build it, to begin with!

But, if you move past that, you will see some excellent positives in choosing this option. The first of which is that you get to completely design your house. You’ll work alongside some home builders and architects to come up with a plan for your ultimate dream home. Everything is built to your desires, it should mean you have a home that’s 100% your cup of tea, and you can’t fault anything. 

Building off this point, you also have a brand new house. It’s hard to find brand new homes these days, and the ones you do find are often overly expensive. Here, you get a new home that’s properly new and comes with no existing faults that need to be fixed. 

Lastly, don’t you hate it when you buy a house and then have to re-decorate it before you can properly settle in. You move, like, half your stuff in, and have to work around your boxes getting the interior design sorted, it’s a heck of a mess. But, when you build, you build your home and design it so you can move in and everything is already sorted!

Should you buy, should you build? In an ideal world, everyone could build their home from scratch. I love the idea of creating something designed specifically for you and your family. However, in a lot of cases, buying is more convenient. It’s a tough one, my advice is to look at both sides of the coin before you flip it!

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