Friday, November 10, 2017

Human Interaction: The One Thing that Technology Can Never Surpass

Technology is constantly being improved upon. We live in an age where more and more things are becoming computerized. Sometimes it can feel a little overwhelming. People are losing their jobs to machinery, which can complete tasks more accurately, efficiently and for a lower cost than any person realistically could. Robotic arms man factory lines. We pass our items through scanners and onto scales while doing our grocery shop. Self-driving cars are now even in the process of development, threatening the livelihoods of chauffeurs and taxi drivers the world around. The examples are endless. While this is impressive, there are certain things that technology just cannot replace. 

A prime example? Real human interaction. Here are a few areas where humans just really do the job best.

Call Centres

We’ve all experienced the aggravation of ringing a company for help, only to be diverted to a call center with automated customer service assistants. Sure, this may help as a means of identifying your general problem and directing you to the appropriate place, but when queries are answered in an entirely automated fashion, you often find that you end the call not having gained the information that you needed. The answer to avoiding this? Dealing with smaller, local companies. These small businesses are often where customer service is at its prime, as they have fewer regular customers and thus prioritize their wants and needs a whole lot more practical than huge corporations who just see you as another means of profit. You can often contact these companies directly and will be answered by a real person who recognizes you and your problems.

Estate Agents

Estate agents’ jobs are being taken more and more online. It’s not all too surprising that people generally prefer to browse through properties from the comfort of their own home rather than heading into an estate agents’ commercial property to flick through brochures. However, certain agents are now taking their service entirely online. We’d recommend sticking with a Real estate agent who will be able to meet you in person to talk through deals, arrange viewings and have a base property where you can find them during working hours.

Medical Adviser

The use of technology to communicate with patients is becoming more widespread in medicine. Take telecare for example. This is a service that allows individuals to call their doctors from the comfort of their own home for advice. However, many of us have gotten into the bad habit of turning to search engines to figure out the cause of symptoms for us. This is not a good idea. Firstly, you may worry yourself sick if you find information misdiagnosing you with a serious condition. Secondly, nothing can be confirmed without a doctor taking a proper look at it. In-person examinations are an essential part of the healthcare process and not something that can be replaced. So, if you are feeling under the weather, book an appointment.

For the moment, it’s often better to stick to real human interaction when it comes to certain parts of our lives. For the sakes of our happiness, nerves, and well being at least!

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