Sunday, November 19, 2017

Fossil Fuels Or Renewable Energy? How To Cut Household Bills

The cost of running a house is high, and it’s about to get higher. As usual, the cost of energy is increasing and forcing homeowners into a vulnerable spot. To fight back, you may be looking into alternative methods to power your property. Green and renewable technologies are popular, for example, because they save money and the planet. However, even though fossil fuels get a bad rap, it is possible to use them without breaking the bank. 

Here’s what homeowners need to know about powering a property on an affordable budget.

Renewable: Plan For The Long-Term

One thing that is unavoidable with clean energy is the price of the initial investment. Solar panels cost, on average, more than $5,000 for around 20 square meters of a property. Turbines are even more expensive because they need a plot of land, power cables, and maintenance work. If you do want to cut costs, you can’t expect it to happen overnight. The high price of the equipment and installation means the prices won’t come down for another five years. Still, if you plan on staying in your current home for the foreseeable future, it will pay off over time. 

Fossil Fuels: Be Smart

Being clever doesn’t refer to you but your house. Don’t get offended but lots of homes are dumb in the sense they don’t use smart technology. From the best smart thermostat to automated lighting, a steady stream of electricity costs less. Usually, the high cost of energy is down to overuse or constantly starting up the central heating. Applications and smart meters allow you to regulate everything from the lighting to the heating and even security. That way, there is no reason to create more power than you need and pay the price at the end of the month. 

Renewable: Become An Entrepreneur

Don’t assume you are the customer and the seller is the client. That is the dynamic for now, but you can flip the script if you like. How? Well, you do it by creating excess energy from renewable sources and selling the power back to the companies. Or, the local authority may give you a fair price to offset their budget costs. The great thing about clean energy is everyone wants a piece to help the planet. So, the more you have, the more money you can make to reduce the cost of living. And, Mother Earth doesn’t get hurt in the process.

Fossil Fuels: Don’t Turn On A Switch

It’s easy to flip a switch but much harder to create energy yourself. However, a little bit of elbow grease goes a long way financially. Take a fire as an example. With a log or coal burner, you can heat up the whole house without using the central heating. That way, there is no need to fork out on the high cost of electricity. Getting a fire started takes time yet it’s worth it in the end. Plus, with coal, it will burn all night and into the morning. 

Ultimately, cutting energy costs needs a mixture of both to be effective.

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