Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Low Ceilings? Here's How to Get the High Ceiling Feeling

Ceilings aren’t the most pressing concern for most homeowners, but they do have a pretty big impact on how a space feels and how it is viewed. When ceilings are high (or at least feel that way), the space feels bigger and your home seems to be freer - you don’t feel so much like you’re living in a birdcage!

If you have low ceilings and you’re bummed out about it, the good news is that you can do various things to make them look higher and give your home the spacious high ceiling feeling. Here are a few:

Install Uplighting

Uplighting fixtures, when installed on the walls will draw the attention upwards and make the ceilings seem higher, while also creating a cozy warm feeling in any room they’re installed. They are also one of the simplest ways of getting the high ceiling feeling on your property.

Takeout Tall Furniture

If you want your ceilings to appear expansive, then it makes sense to remove tall pieces of furniture, which will dwarf the size of the room. Choose low profile pieces to maximize the space between furniture and ceiling and things will start to feel a whole less cramped pretty fast.

Windows as Far as the Eye Can See

If you're up for a bigger renovation project, installing windows that stretch from floor to ceiling, bringing in more brightness and reflecting everything around them, will instantly give the place a lift and increase the sense of space.

Don’t Be Afraid to Go Big on the Ceiling

Because people with low ceilings tend to choose smaller lighting fixtures and fans, if you’re brave, choosing large ceiling fans or impressive lights can give the impression that you have more space than you really do. As long as they aren’t too low hanging, you should be fine.

Try Striped Wallpaper

If you like stripes and you’re cool with wallpaper, decorating your walls with vertical stripes will ‘lengthen’ your walls and give the impression that your ceilings are a bit higher than they, in reality, are.
We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Door

Increasing the height of your doors, so that they’re closer to ceiling height will give the impression the room is taller. Why? Because doors are almost universally the same height, so by making yours bigger, you’ll create a lengthening effect.

Hang ‘Em High

If you have picture frames on your wall, try moving them up a few inches. You’ll be amazed how much more spacious this simple adjustment can make your home feel.

Paint it Light

If you paint your ceiling in a lighter shade than the walls, it will create the illusion that your room is bigger, brighter and more spacious. The effect will be magnified if you choose a darker color of flooring.

Lengthen Your Curtains

Using full-length curtains and hanging them as high up as possible will do wonders for your rooms and give you that high ceiling feeling with ease. There are a lot of available curtains online depending on your motif, take these nautical curtains as an example. 

I hope this helps you create the sense of space and expansiveness in your home, no matter how high or low your ceilings actually are!

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