Wednesday, November 29, 2017

A House With History, Or A Decorating Nightmare?

We all look for different things in properties. For some, a contemporary space is essential. Such individuals look for crisp, clean homes. It makes sense. A new house is a blank canvas on which to paint your style. Plus, you can ensure there won’t be any unpleasant surprises with the condition of properties like this.

For some of us, though, the bonuses aren’t enough to sway us away from period properties. If you’re after an old house, you’ll look out for character and features. A wood beam here, an authentic window there. Rather than look out for pristine properties, you’ll want something with history.

While old properties can work wonderfully, they can often have a few problems, too. Old houses just weren’t designed to the standards we’re accustomed to. Instead of being crisp and sharp, most old houses are a little wobbly. ceilings are often curved, and floors are sometimes uneven. While part of the character, these touches aren’t always practical. Which is why we’re going to look at a few ways to smooth the slopes in your old home.

The floors

For the most part, carpet covers a multitude of floor sins. But, if you’re attempting to lay tiles, you may stumble across issues. Trying to lay any hard flooring on an uneven surface can be incredibly tricky. In this instance, it’s worth turning to concrete. A layer of concrete on top of your original flooring is all it takes to even things out. Head to companies like now to find out how this could work for you. Bear in mind that, once a concrete layer is in place, it won’t be easy to remove it. Make sure this is what you want before taking action!

The walls

Uneven surfaces and wonky ceilings aren’t too tricky to maneuver when painting. But, if you want to lay wallpaper, things get much more complicated. The main issue is that wallpaper will show those slopes and uneven angles much more clearly. Plus, you’ll find it difficult to pattern match on a wonky wall. The good news is, sites like have some fantastic solutions. In extreme cases, you may need to plaster the surface. Again, this will give you a smooth foundation to work with. Or, you could use textured wallpapers which hide a multitude of sins. Have a think about which would work best, and then get to work. 

The windows

The windows of old properties are often the most charming feature. But, they aren’t without their issues. Old window panes and glass fittings aren’t designed with modern standards in mind. The panes certainly aren’t double glazed. In a drafty old house, the heat which escapes through your windows will make a huge difference. But, you don’t have to get rid of those beautiful classic frames. You could head to sites like, and find some simple solutions. Many companies will also replace single panes with double glazing, and leave the frame intact if it’s in a good condition.

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