Saturday, November 11, 2017

Sources Of Interior Design Inspiration

We all know that feeling when, suddenly, you just want change. Your house has looked the same for years, and you’re suddenly itching to do something different. You want a new look, a new feel. You don’t have any specifics in mind; you just know that you want things to be different. 

At this point, you may find inspiration easy to come by. Powered by your desire for something different, you immediately know exactly what you want. You have color schemes already planned; you know exactly the look you want from new furniture; now all you have to do is find the time to put your ideas into action. 

Ideally, immediate ideas and inspiration are how it should go, but things don’t always work out quite like that. While you’ve reached a point of knowing you want something different, you’ve yet to quite ascertain what it is you want instead. If you’re keen on the idea of change but struggling for inspiration as to what you should change to, then these sources might be just what you need. 

Go Online

Pinterest is the online paradise for home design. If you have never used the unique platform before, then you’ll be relieved to discover it’s relatively simple to use. Sign up for an account and browse until you find something that intrigues you. You should find yourself guided by specific styles and design ideas, from which you can nurture the idea into a concept for your own home. 

It’s also worth signing up for Instagram and searching the “#homes” and “#homedesign” hashtags. There’s less detail than with Pinterest -- as it’s primarily a photo-sharing app -- but you might see something you like, and can then research further from there. 

Ask The Pros

If you’re struggling to narrow down exactly what you want, then bringing in outside help is a viable solution. Experts in interior design may be more expensive than coming up with your own ideas, but they know how to find exactly what their customers want-- even when the customer isn’t sure themselves! 

A talk with a professional will help you to narrow down ideas and focus in on exactly what you’re trying to achieve. Alternatively, you could turn the entire project over to a pro and have very little involvement in what they decide. You get your change but without the stress of having to cultivate options for yourself-- perfect! 

Visit The Showrooms

Home decor, design, and renovation showrooms go hand-in-hand with “hard sell” techniques, so many of us choose to avoid them. However, there’s no imperative for you to buy if you visit a showroom. Just explain to the overeager sales assistant that you’re browsing, and then go ahead and do just that.

Sometimes, seeing an entire finished room at a showroom can bring ideas to mind. There’s nothing quite like actually being there, rather than just browsing images on a screen. So take your time, walk around, and see if the lightning bolt of inspiration strikes. 

By using these techniques, you can be sure you’re always able to find inspiration when you need it, and your need for change will be satiated.

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