Monday, January 23, 2017

Treat Yourself! 8 Tips To Add A Little Luxury To Your Everyday Life

We always see photos of celebrities stepping off private jets and wandering around wearing shoes and dresses that would cost the entirety of our monthly food budget. As a ‘normal’ non-celebrity person, that’s obviously a lifestyle that isn’t attainable for the rest of us. It is possible, however, to introduce a little luxury into your life without completely going crazy and breaking the bank. Here are 8 tips to help…

Your Style

1. Save for classic pieces

It’s very easy to go for disposable fashion – we tend to value quantity over quality, and it does feel good to have a new top every time you go out with your friends. But if you want to go for luxury, then it’s a much better idea to save your money for pieces that will last the long haul. Go for good quality materials, and natural rather than synthetic fabrics. Save up for classic makeups like lipsticks, mascaras, and blushes. You can also opt for permanent makeups like having lips or brows tattoo, and for thick and long eyelashes check out eyelash serum available online.

2. Splash out in the sales

The number one sales rule is that you shouldn’t spend money on something that you wouldn’t buy anyway. So make sure that you bookmark items that you want on more expensive high end websites, and wait for them to go down in price so that you can invest in them. Only buy things that will last the test of time, from reputable brands. It’s a good time to buy leather boots, good quality coats and new clothes for work. You could also get a good bargain for a summer dress to wear to a wedding in a winter sale.

3. Don’t over accessorize

One way to make your outfit look cheap is by wearing too many accessories. Coco Chanel said that before you leave the house, you should look in the mirror and take one thing off. Make sure that the jewellery you wear is all good quality – it doesn’t all have to be gold, silver and diamonds, but if you have costume jewellery that’s started to fade, put it in the bin or donate it.

Your Home

4. Upgrade your bed

There’s nothing that feels more luxuriant than slipping between sheets with a high thread count at night, so why not upgrade your bed? The thread count means the number of vertical and horizontal threads in one square inch of fabric, so the higher the thread count, the softer and nicer the sheets will feel at night. Egyptian cotton has a reputation as the best quality cotton in the world, so you could also splash out on that. If you find that you get a sore neck and back after you get up in the morning, it’s probably time to go for a new pillow, or perhaps a new mattress topper. Finally, if you’re susceptible to skin rashes, why not go for hypoallergenic blankets and pillows?

5. Splash out on your bathroom

If you’re a parent, then you’ll know that your bathroom is one of the only rooms in your house in which you can actually relax – even if you have your kids banging on the door and asking to be let in while you’re trying to wash your hair! It’s important that you make your bathroom as luxuriant as possible so you can enjoy the few minutes of blissful quiet and solitude. Go for high end toiletries and use plenty of body moisturizer after your shower. If you go for a fragranced one, then you can skip your perfume when you’re getting dressed. Go for new soft towels like Richard Haworth bath towels. Even if you might be spending more than you’re accustomed to spending on towels, they’ll be worth it when you step out of the shower. You could even go for a heated towel rail. Not only will they dry your towels quickly so they won’t end up smelling of damp, there’s no better feeling in the winter than wrapping yourself in a toasty warm towel. Finally, if you’re taking a bath or shower at night to relax, get a scented candle in lavender or sandalwood, to help you chill out and give you a good night’s sleep.

Your Lifestyle

6. Make sure that you stay fit and healthy

This will help you in all aspects of your life, as you can pass on good eating habits to your kids and make sure that they’re healthy in the future. Buy good quality organic fruit and vegetables, and go for ethical meat. It might all be a little more expensive but the quality will far surpass other food, and you’ll feel happy in the knowledge that you’ve given the animals you’re eating a better quality of life. You could also join a gym – splash out on a nice one so that you feel comfortable and happy going there and so you don’t waste your (probably exorbitant) membership fee!

7. Spend time on yourself

One of the most luxuriant things you can ever do is spend time on yourself. The reason that celebrities and rich people look so good is that they have much more free time than the rest of us. They don’t have to worry about going to work every day, public transport, trying to find affordable childcare – and they have time to go to the gym every day and pay talented hair stylists and makeup artists to make them look flawless at all times. Of course, we don’t have the time or the spare money for that. But it is important that you try to take time for yourself. Focus on your hobbies and make sure that you don’t lose yourself after you have children. It’s important for your kids to see that you have your own life and interests. Ask your partner to look after your family for a day and take yourself off to an art gallery or bookshop.

8. See your friends

Take time out from your family to see your friends and treat yourself with a nice dinner out or a few cocktails. It’s easy to lose touch with them as you get older and your schedules get more demanding, but the truth is that seeing your friends will help you stay sane in a crazy world.

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