Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Hot Momma! Staying in Shape During Pregnancy

We all know by now that when we get pregnant, our bodies quickly get out of shape and it takes a long time to return to our former figure. So if it’s your first, then take heed! 

Staying in shape is important for both you and your baby. The healthier you are the more chance of giving your baby a strong and healthy start there is. Keeping supple and fit will also make labor a little bit easier and help you recover from it more efficiently. So where is the best place to start and how do you avoid too much impact? Here's a must do guide for getting it right.

Don’t Make Dramatic Changes

So before you fell pregnant, the furthest you had run was up to the stairs. Running is a high impact sport and whilst it may seem like a simple and free way to get fit, it can actually be bad for your pregnancy if your body isn’t used to it. Opt for increasing the amount you walk each day and pick up the pace if you want to give yourself a little cardio burn. If you are already a runner there are some great tips for adopting your usual technique here 

Low Impact Full Support

One of the best forms of exercise, when you are pregnant, is swimming. Swimming is a low-impact sport that also helps tone muscles. It isn’t a great fat burner but that’s no bad thing. You shouldn’t be aiming to lose weight during your pregnancy unless you have been advised by your doctor. If this is your second child we posted all you need to know here but swimming will be a great time for your first born to feel connected to their new sibling, even during the pregnancy! 

Stay Comfortable 

Ditch the Lycra from your pre-pregnancy days. Feeling restricted is not going to make for a comfortable experience! Pregnancy workout clothes offer you support where it’s needed whilst being a little more delicate on your sensitive areas. 

Try A Little Yoga

Yoga in pregnancy has shown very successful results for lower pain during labor. There are a few reasons for this. Firstly, the low impact moves help increase muscle strength where you need it. Gently exercises focus on the key areas helping to alleviate back pain and relieve sciatica. Yoga also helps you to focus your mind and concentrate on your breathing, both important practices for labor. 

Whatever You Do, Give Yourself A Break

Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t feel like getting up and active. Your body is under so much pressure right now and is working harder than you are aware. Make sure you eat properly, especially hard if you are suffering from morning sickness but nevertheless a healthy diet is a precious gift for your newborn. As much as staying in shape physically is important, pregnancy is a good time to get in shape mentally. So use this time, before life gets a little more noisy, to enjoy a lot of ‘me’ time. As your body is building a new life, ensure you are getting enough sleep to regenerate cells and produce all the nutrients your baby needs.

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