Friday, January 20, 2017

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On School Trip Locations: Will It Be Worth The Money?

Are you proactive with your children’s education and plan ahead as much as possible? More frequently these days, it means saving to enable your kids to attend school trips, when the opportunity arises. The problem is that they can be so expensive, it can be very difficult to find the money for them to go on every single excursion that is offered. So how do you know which ones to send them on, and which ones to skip? Well, read on for a guide to the most popular international trip locations and what to expect from each. Which should make your choices a lot easier. 


France is a popular location for school trips from all over the world. But what are the benefits of such a trip? Well, for one depending on where your child is traveling from they may well get their first taste of long haul travel. Which is a worthwhile experience in itself. As it can trigger wanderlust for the rest of their lives!

Secondly, many schools chose to take their students to France to help them perfect the language by immersing them the culture. Of course, they also get to experience the famous cuisine and cultural aspects too. Which are two another two reasons why this may be a suitable trip to pay out for.


Italy is another popular school trip location. It is probably worth sending your kids on this one. This is because there are so many famous cities in Italy to visit, that will provide them with an educational experience. 

For example, the is Venice where they can learn all about defense in the middle ages, as well as the power and history of the Medici family.

Then there is Verona, perfect for students studying Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. They can even visit the balcony that is said to have inspired this tale of forlorn lovers. Where there is a statue of Juliet, herself situated.

However, these are not the only cities which hold education merit in Italy because Rome itself was said to be the cradle of the modern world. That means visiting Rome and experiencing the scale and splendor of sites like the amphitheater can bring history to life for many students. Instead of it being seen as a dry subject discussed in the pages of a book.

Lastly, the Italian lakes also provide a worthwhile school trip location, because of all the wonderful activities there are to do there. Surfing, sailing, and walking are all very popular around locations like Lake Garda. So you may find that your child school chooses to take them there for some healthy, active fun.


Another frequently chosen location for a school trip is the beautiful country of Iceland. School trips to Iceland are often much looked forward to, and places can become very limited. This is because of the uniqueness of the things to see and be a part of, on such a trip.

Probably the most important of all of these is the Aurora Borealis, which is only able to be seen from a few places in the entire world. The Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights is a wonderful phenomenon that makes green, blue and yellow lights dance across the sky. It really is a once in a lifetime opportunity for many people so it would be an awful shame if you child had to miss out on this.

Of course, there are other fascinating things to do in Iceland on a school trip as well, such as visiting the Blue Lagoon. Or going on an organized trip into the snowy wilderness to look for animals like the Arctic Fox and Reindeer. 


Some education institutions choose to take their students on a trip to Russia. These are often met with mixed feeling. As Russia, while interesting to many, is known for its harsh living conditions.

Deciding whether this trip is worth the money or not, has a lot to do with how much interest you child is showing in this location. You also need to consider how vital it is for their education achievement. As well as how they will cope with cuisine for an extended period of time.


Some students, especially those going to school in places that are near to the USA, get the chance to visit America on a school trip. Most kids will want to go on this trip, whether it is educationally relevant to what they are studying or not. That is because they will see it as a chance to have a lot of fun and experience the American Culture to which they are all familiar with through TV.

Of course, before you pay for such a trip, it is always a good idea to explain just how many days they will be spending at Disneyland, if any. As well as, how many days they will be spending touring around civil war sites and the like. This might end up being the deciding factor for them, and you, on whether it is worth paying our to go or not.

United Kingdom

Lastly, another very popular location for school trips and residentials is the United Kingdom. Of course, this has a lot to do with helping the kids learning to improve their English speaking skills, which is always a worthwhile thing to do. 

But the UK is also an interesting place to visit for the historical and cultural aspects as well. It has a rich history dating far back into the past, and in various UK locations, you can learn about these. Good places to do this include the castles along the Northumbrian coast and the Jorvik Center in York. Which demonstrate how the Viking Invaders lived when they reached England. 

Of course, the UK is divided into four countries: England, Northern Island, Scotland, and Wales. So each country provides its own educational experiences, as well as having its own unique identity, language, and culture to explore. Making the UK a generally good choice for a school trip. 

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