Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Tips on How To Deal With A Sick Child

Being a parent, we do everything it takes to keep our children healthy. We provide them with the best vitamins, feed them with nutritious food and a lot more. But there comes a point when we can't avoid sickness. And, dealing with a poorly child is one of the most difficult things about being a parent. It is important that we stay calm and focused so that you don't distress them, but having a sick child in itself can be pretty stressful for us too. You will probably have to take some time off work and depending on the illness, your child might have to go on medication. Being sick can be a traumatic experience for a child, especially if they haven't experienced it before. Many children experience bouts of illness as babies, but obviously, they don't remember it. Plus, as parents, we tend to misdiagnose our children with various ailments when they are babies and unable to speak to us, simply because we are paranoid that something is wrong. When they get older, this paranoia tends to die, as they are able to converse with us about when they are feeling sick. But nonetheless, it can still be a difficult time in the whole family's life when your child is unwell. If you suspect that something is wrong, here are the steps you need to take.

Determine whether it is an emergency

There are specific conditions and diseases that do only affect children, as opposed to adults. But for the most part, these are harmless - things like chicken pox, for example. Providing your child has had all their vaccinations, there is no reason why they should contract anything life-threatening. However, if your child is showing unusual symptoms or is in great pain, you may need to consider whether or not emergency care is needed. Try to avoid the internet at all costs - it will only give you a skewed diagnosis. If it is late and there is no way you can get to a regular doctor, you might want to give after hours pediatrics a try. 

Follow any treatment to the letter 

After a visit to the pediatrician, your child will probably be prescribed a course of antibiotics, or at the very least some steps to take in order to help them get better. The latter could be if they have food poisoning, for example, and they have been instructed to drink a lot of water to help them hydrate again. If they have been prescribed tablets or a cream, it is your job to make sure they take them/apply them correctly. If your child experiences any negative side effects from their treatment, go back to your doctor immediately. 

Take good care of them 

When your child is poorly, they are likely to feel pretty miserable. Keeping their spirits up is an integral part of their recovery and getting them back on their feet and back to school should be your priority. Make sure they are still eating well; you can allow them a treat or two to make them feel better, of course. But for the most part, make sure they are still eating nutritious, home cooked meals. This will build up their immune system and help them to fight the illness much quicker.

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