Thursday, January 19, 2017

Life's A Beach, And Then You Fly! Pre-Summer Tips for Busy Moms

Summer is coming and it's possibly one of the most exciting holiday of the year for a family. It gives the kids a chance to explore new places and beaches and it gives the parents some quality time together away from the rat race. The one thing that comes with a holiday is a plethora of lists! Lists for what to pack for carry on, lists for what to pack in the hold, lists for what to bring for a baby should you have one… there’s even lists before you even go away of things you need to buy. For most of us moms, lists are exciting! When you’re getting ready to go on holiday with the kids, there are a few things you need to remember to do before you go and one of those is sorting out the house.

If you’re a lover of lists, you won’t mind reading through just one more and this one isn’t just about the tips you need when you take the kids abroad on holiday. It’s for moms who would lose their heads if they weren’t screwed on. It’s for moms who need just one more checklist to feel like they’ve done it all for this long-awaited family holiday!

1. Cleaning the house from top to bottom seems to be a habit for most families, as you then don’t have to come back to piles of washing, hoovering or dusting to do. Even the little jobs you don’t think to do should get done now. Roll up those sleeves and leave the house sparkling!

2. If you don’t live close by to family, scheduling a food shop to be delivered the evening you return to the house is also a great idea. No need to dash out to the nearest supermarket for the essentials.

3. Security is key when you’re going away. Checking out alarm reviews of Vivint home security can mean you have your peace of mind while you’re enjoying your holiday.

4. Adding to that, even if you don’t have a house alarm on the house yet, think about security lights. Timed lights to come on at certain times of the day can make outsiders think your home is occupied and deter thieves.

5. Ask a friend or neighbour to check on the house if you’re going away for more than ten days.

6. Have any pets sorted into a shelter or have a friend take care of them before you go.

7. Sort out your tickets and passports for every family member and make sure you have all your travel documents in the right order for your journey.

Your home is your castle and if you make sure you have the gates up and the alarms on before you go, your holiday can be epic. If you know the place you are leaving is secure and in tip-top shape, you can truly stretch out and relax on that sandy beach far away. Now go, before everyone reading this is even more jealous of your travels!

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