Sunday, January 15, 2017

Splash Your Cash: How And How Not To Treat Your Kids

Just like any other mom in the world, my kids are the most important people in my life and that we only want what's best for them, right? So if you have a little spare money, maybe from an inheritance or a bonus or some other kind of windfall, then it makes sense that you’d want to treat your kids. and of course you want to ensure that they always have the best of everything so that they have the best chance of growing up into well-developed rounded human beings. At the same time, you don’t want to let them grow up spoilt. Here are some suggestions about how – and how not – to treat your kids.

DON’T: Toys. With young kids especially, their tastes will change very rapidly over the years. If your older kids want a certain games console or you’d like to treat them to new cell phones – fine. But there’s no point in blowing a huge amount of cash on a Barbie playhouse that your youngest daughter will grow out of very quickly. Make sure you think about longevity and the future

DO: Activities. If you’ve always been a little low on funds, now is the time to send your kids to ballet or art or soccer classes so that they can learn a new skill, make some friends, and have a great time. This will help contribute towards your kids’ future as well as giving them a chance to learn and enjoy something in the present.

DON’T: Craft supplies. Although craft supplies are almost always a great creative gift for kids, there isn’t any point in spending a huge amount of money on them, simply because it’s very easy to get good deals that will ensure you won’t go broke buying paints, crayons and paper. If one of your kids is a fine arts student then go crazy and buy them oil paints and an easel – but if you’re just spending hundreds on stacks of paper and coloured pencils for your little kids to use in the future, your money would be best spent elsewhere.

DO: Clothes. Admittedly, clothes are sometimes more of a gift for you than for your kids – but we all know that it’s great and that it fills us with pride to see them looking smart. If you want to spend a little money, look for good quality brands like baby Versace for clothes that will last a long time – just make sure you buy them a size up so your kids don’t grow out of them too quickly.

DON’T: Whatever they choose. One of the best ways to spoil your kids is by giving them absolutely everything they want without them having to work for it. Appreciating the value of hard work is one of the best gifts that you’ll ever be able to give your offspring.

DO: Vacations. In the long run, people value experiences far more than any material goods. Using your windfall to take your family on vacation will provide invaluable memories in the future and photographs that you’ll love looking back on when your kids are adults and far too cool to go on vacation with you.

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