Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Sunday Picnic + DIY Star Margarine Fairy Bread!

It has been a school-home, study-play routine for the kids this past few weeks. We have been busy that we didn't get the chance to treat the kids out to have fun and loosen up a bit from the daily school hustle. So to break the monotony, I planned a fun and exciting activity for the kids over the weekend.

Saturday night, I posted on Instagram a photo of our DIY Fairy Bread kit from Star Margarine, the #1 Non-Refrigerated Margarine in the Philippines. It is the first ever product to partner with Department of Health and the first to receive the Sangkap Pinoy seal because of its Vitamin A and Iodine content, for the overall growth development of Filipino children. Aside from Vitamin A and Iron, the other Growth Building Nutrients found in Star Margarine are Vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, D3, E, Folic Acid and Niacin. Given that it's healthy, Star Margarine makes snack time more fun and exciting with this new Star Margarine Fairy Bread that even your kids can make!

Sunday Picnic + Healthy and Easy DIY Star Margarine Fairy Bread!

Sunday morning came, Tristan, Athena and Brianna were already excited to make their own Fairy Bread. And, to make it more fun, we had a picnic outdoors. They enjoyed it so much that they kept on asking me if we can do it again. Of course the answer is YES, because it's super fun and a great bonding activity for us parents and our children.

So here are the simple steps on how to create your DIY Star Margarine Fairy Bread.

  • White Bread (either toasted or not)
  • Cookie Cutter
  • Star Margarine Fairy Bread kit

Step 1: Prepare bread and cut it into fun shapes using cookie cutters.

Step 2: Spread a generous amount of Star Margarine

Step 3: Top with colorful candy sprinkles!

Step 4: Take a photo of your creation and share it on Facebook with the hashtags #StarSiKidStarSiMommy #StarFairyBread and Tag Star Margarine, @OfficialStarMargarine.

Step 5: Serve and enjoy!

The New Star Margarine Fairy Bread Kit comes in four different candy sprinkles variants: stars, Christmas trees, flowers and classic sprinkles. It's available in our favorite supermarkets nationwide, but for a limited time only so don't forget to grab one for you and your kids to enjoy! Make sure to also follow Star Margarine on Facebook, @OfficialStarMargarine to get a chance to win your own special Star Margarine Fairy Bread Kits! Cheers!

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