Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Body Confident Mama: Bouncing Back After Baby

When you’re pregnant, it’s amazing to watch your body change and adapt to growing a perfect little baby. It really is a precious experience. And even though your body is changing, you’re so excited at the prospect of a new family member, whether it’s your first or not, that you don’t even mind. However, it’s okay to admit that when you have given birth, and your body doesn’t bounce back right away; you feel a little disheartened. Because you will get to a point after having had your baby where you see your body and wonder how you will ever feel confident again. But you can. Because bouncing back after baby can be done, so let’s take a look into how.

This is something that you may have already been planning on for the good of your baby’s nutrition, but breastfeeding can be wonderful for your body too. Some people say that breastfeeding was the reason they lost the majority of their baby weight right away. The breastfeeding and weight lost battle doesn’t always work for everyone, but it’s something that will definitely help you along your way to feeling more confident with your figure too.

Keep Moving If You Can

Depending on your birth, or whether you have a c-section, you may not be able to action this next point. However, it is important to stay active, if you can, after the baby comes along. Although you will find yourself running around a lot and you’re likely to be overtired to start with, you should also try to keep your body moving as much as you can. The early days are tough, but they can also be crucial to helping you lose a few of those extra pounds that you feel uncomfortable with holding.

Raid The Freezer

At the same time, you should also be conscious of what you’re eating. Although you may not want to focus on weight loss at this time, because you need convenience, you can combine both. Rather than reaching for ready meals or takeaways post-birth, you should raid the freezer. As a part of your baby preparations, you should do some make ahead meals to store in the freezer, so that you don’t have to worry about food when the baby first arrives. By making sure that they’re nutritious, you can ensure you’ll have enough energy, and shed baby weight at the same time.

Set Yourself Goals

It may also help to set yourself some goals at this stage too. Whether you want to lose a set amount of pounds or fit into your favorite pair of jeans, goals can help to keep you motivated. To do this, you should focus on target areas, so that you can work on exercising yourself back to normal before needing to consult a plastic surgeon at any point in the future. If you can, you’re going to want to try and make the changes yourself with goals first.

Be Kind

Above all else, you have to learn to be kinder to yourself. So your body isn’t what it was pre-baby, but don’t put too much pressure on yourself - you just grew a baby! So take it slow and steady, be positive, and stick to it. Before long, you will feel comfortable in your skin once again.

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